I've got a RED hotttt reveal!!

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  1. So I've been pretty bad in the shopping department lately! I usually limit myself to one bag/ major Coach purchase a month. Granted I work there and get a nice discount.. It still adds up! Butttt..I just had to have this, and it's matching friend! They finally arrived today..only a few days late (thanks UPS) Here's a hint...


    Any guesses?? It's probably pretty obvious!
  2. I don't know what it is but I sure love that red!!!
  3. Beautiful color! And the brass tag looks so good against that red!
  4. Is it the bleeker in you avatar maybe?
  5. I bet it is the Bleecker. But what is the friend?
  6. Love that red color. Beautiful.
  7. Y'all are good, plus my avatar did give it away! Haha but yes it is the Bleecker weekend tote in Chili!! It is so spicy and hot, I'm in love! I can't wait to cut the tags off and move on in! This will be my 3rd weekend tote, but I just love the bag and the color is amazing. A real true red! Here are some more shots! It has a chocolate brown lining too which contrasts nicely!






    And of course I had to unwrap it while at work and have a coworker take a pic of me with it on! :P
  8. Of course it is the chili bleecker. That bag is unforgettable!

    I'd know that brass hangtag anywhere.

    ETA: I am always late to these things. It's embarrassing. I was even going to request a mod shot.
  9. Congrats! Beautiful color!
  10. Andddd..the little friend! Finally Coach has made the perfect card case!! It had an ID window!! I've been wanting a nice leather one like this for awhile. I'll definitely be adding more colors to my collection, but I had to get the chili to match my bag!




    And a group shot. Fits perfect in the slit pocket on the front! :smile:
  11. Lol! The details are pretty distinct! Haha. And I read your mind and posted a mod shot! :P
  12. Seriously...:faint: I die! (to quote Rachel Zoe) In this case, it's an appropriate quote! I love the color, shape, tag, all of it. Thanks so much for the mod pictures as well!

    I really wish Coach would make a smaller bag in this true red.
  13. The smaller bleecker was back on the site in a tan color, so maybe.....someday....
  14. Thank you! I felt the same way when I opened it.. And I myself quote Rachel Zoe all the time.. Basically I die a lot! Haha

    Maybe they will make it in the smaller Bleecker business tote! That would be a nice smaller size. This bag is massive, but I'm 6'4" so it's proportional on me! Haha
  15. We think alike! Again! Lol I want the rust in the smaller tote. I'm checking daily and am ready to fax an order.