I've got a new scarf and look who's modelling for me!

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  1. My 1st vintage 70x70 Hermes scarf. The Kelly Caleche. Love the color and tis complements my new Rose Dragee Kelly totally!!!:woohoo:

    Presenting my 5mth old baby gal on her 1st 'modelling assignment'! :p :love:
    DSC07898.JPG DSC07899.JPG DSC07908.JPG DSC07912.JPG DSC07913.JPG
  2. Ohmigosh, your DD is simply darling. And so photogenic!
    Beautiful scarf BTW but your daughter . . . . a future model definitely!
  3. OMIGOD, your daugher is so adorable!!!!!! Her complexion is the same pink shade of rose dragee....
  4. Cute cute cute cute cute!!!!!
  5. soooo sweet!
  6. Your DD is so adorable! And I LOVE that scarf.
  7. Aaaw, that is so cute!
  8. OMG, how sweet!!! Both are precious!
  9. That is so cute, your lovely baby and the scarf!!x
  10. Oh My Gosh Londondolly! That is the cutest thing ever! You should send that to "H" and see if you can get some sort of comission for finding the newest star of their line.

    She is too CUTE!!!:girlsigh:
    oh~ and the scarf isn't too shabby either!:p
  11. You daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Look how she models that scarf, she just looks amazing!!!!! And the scarf isn't too bad either :amuse:
  12. How cute is THIS?!?!?!?!??! Love the scarf but love the pic of your precious baby IN the scarf more!!!!!! She's very adorable......
  13. OMG!!! How absolutely darling!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the scarf and your DD...MY GOODNESS! She is GORGEOUS!!! You have a future model on ur hands there!
  14. Londondolly, your daughter is truly precious! Those beautiful big eyes! I hope my daughter looks like that too. And the scarf is pretty too!
  15. So cute!