I've got a Golden Ticket

  1. Okay, it's black but the lettering is gold and it's hand addressed to me in calligraphy. I have been confirmed (not merely 'invited' but 'confirmed') to preview the women's 2008 cruise collection tomorrow night. This was FedEx'd to me. And here's the kicker -- it's not at the boutique. It's at a studio. The invitation was from the LV Press Office.

    Is this a VIP event? A press event? And does this mean I'm going to get some sort of cool gift, in addition to being able ogle the cruise collection?

    Is anyone else going to this?

    Ohmigod. What am I gonna wear? Yeeeeep!

    Thoughts and moral support, s'il vous plait?:queen:
  2. WOWEE!!!!!! I think Karman also has an event tomorrow night....wow...I would call your SA and ask (and thank them for the invite since they probably had something to do with it!)
  3. ooh that sounds super exciting!!!!
  4. OMG very exciting!!!
  5. WOWZA!!!! congrats!!! do let us know how it goes :p eeeek gold writing? that sounds super important, especially since the invite/"CONFIRMATION" was not mailed...it was FED-EXed!!!!!!!! :biggrin: haha congrats!, I'll live my life vicariously through you!
  6. wow thats awesome, congratulations! be sure to report all the hot news back to us :graucho:
  7. Let us know all about the new stuff!!!
  8. congrats!
  9. Sounds fantastic!! Have a blast! Can't wait to hear your report afterwards.
  10. how fun! enjoy!
  11. Oh wow! Congratulations! Can't wait for a full report on the upcoming cruise collection! You are so lucky!!!
  12. You lucky gal. Make sure you let us know how it goes.
  13. Yes....we expect a full report right after LOL j/k!!
  14. WOWW!! That's so awesome!!! Please let us know what you see!!!!
  15. oooh, how cool! it's at a studio and eevrything! do tell us how things go!