i've got a craving for a new wallet.

  1. my first lv wallet was the snapped coin and bill purse, and my 2nd is the red epi koala wallet. i don't have too many cards to carry with me, 6-8 slots will suffice, but i definitely want a coin compartment and some slots for receipts (since i shop so much). any suggestions? i'd prefer in damier or vernis, not mono or epi...tks.
  2. Pomme pochette wallet!!
  3. Pochette Wallet in Pomme. It holds 10 cc and the change compartment is huge. I have it in Mono and love it. I wish I had bought the Pomme instaed of the Mono.
  4. Vernis or Damier ZIPPY ... :tup:
  5. Definitely agree with LV Diva. The Zippy is a GREAT wallet. Thinking about getting one myself.
  6. vernis zippy for sure! It seems to suit your needs. It has a big coin slot and has lots of room for receipts and papers. You'll be so organized!
  7. Vernis zippy in pomme!
  8. pochette wallet!
  9. Damier Zippy Wallet (not Zippy Organizer).
  10. zippy and pouchette seem to get the popular votes...ar ethey the same wallet but just opens differently?
  11. zippy seems kinda big for me...do they make a mini zippy?
  12. yeah, i'd love ot have a wallet around the same size as the pm agenda, don't mind if it's slightly longer.
  13. Damier Zippy!
  14. hmm, i'm facing the same dilemma...i'm leaning towards the pochette wallet cuz i think the zippy's zipper might get annoying. now which leather/canvas....
  15. ^ so far my mono and epi wallets have held up real good, and seems like vernis has good reviews from lots of ppl. so i think u can't go wrong with any lv wallets. good luck let me know what u decide on, i think i need to go and see these wallets irl. the pictures from elux aren't helping at all.