I've got a bag dilemna three...Barenia...

  1. I recently almost had this beauty below:

    ....but alas she went to the lucky lady who ordered her FOUR years ago....

    So....Let's say you had a chance to do an SO on a barenia bag outside of Podium....

    I said I wanted the exact bag pictured above Trim I 31cm..PH... but I already have a Trim II 35 cm....would a Trim I be a bit redundant????

    I was thinking of possibly changing it to a Berlingot or a Manille II..... I just want a "casual" (under $4000) Barenia bag...

    What should I do??
  2. What color is your other trim, QM?
  3. Trim in Barenia is so beautiful ! I vote for the trim.
  4. A Manille currently goes for $4900. Will you be okay with that?

    Ooooh, I can't help you here. This is a toughie. I can't decide.
  5. If you like the Trim, go for it. Have you tried on the Berlingot and the Manille?
    I "thought" Trim is for me too until I tried it on.
  6. What's the manille btw? And will your Barenia order take 4 yrs or thereabouts?? Maybe I should start plotting some Barenia SO's now too.:p
  7. That's lovely. Will it take 4 years for you to get it too?
  8. what is the difference between the trim I and trim II again? I always forget (sorry!) :S
  9. Trim I is the one in the pic. It's flat and doesn't have a zipper closure on top, just the clasp thingy on the front. Trim II has more depth to it as it has a gusset. It also has a zip closure (along w that front clasp).

    Here's a pic of a Trim II from LZ:

  10. Hmm, that pic doesn't seem to link. Lemme try again:
  11. My Trim II is Black togo.....And since she is 35 and gusseted...she is ..roomy

    HG...I must be living a couple of price increases back....i thought the Manille was similarly priced to the Trim.....hmmmm

    I have no idea how long it will take or even if the SO would be accepted...but before it is put in..I want to make sure I am making the right decision...if the Manille really is 4K...that knocks her out...I could of had a Barenia Rugby or Farming instantly for that price range...
  12. ^^Oh drool.....the Le Farming in Barenia is just gorgeous! I think the Trim in Barenia would be beautiful and not redundant--especially if you like the Trim's silhouette. I wonder if you can order a Massai in Barenia?
  13. OOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    I want a Massai in BARENIA!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Yeah, me too. I've been trying to order a barenia massai for 2 years. They just keep telling me, no, not any time soon.
  15. ^^That's too bad....I think the texture of Barenia would really lend itself to the Massai silhouette and would look absolutely stunning.