I've gone scarf crazy! **pics!**

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  1. Bandanas, bandeau's and scarves of all sort! I love them all:yahoo:
    wanted to share my recent purchases!

    1. Lvoe bandana
    2. Lvoe Bandeau
    3. Denim Cruise Bandana
    4. MC bandeau
    5. Groom bandana (has 2 new necklaces on there...love shiny lil' pieces!)
    up top I have two coach scarves that I bought and 4 fendi ones.. on the bottom I put 2 cute summer belts/scarves I found for $1 each!

  2. Wow look at you! FANTASTIC HAUL! Congrats!!
  3. MMMMMMMMMM Bandanas!!
  4. Love the Denim Bandana!!!! :love:
  5. The very best kind of crazy!
    Love the LVoe scarves.
  6. Love your scarf collection! Now please post pics of how you wear them! :graucho:
  7. Congrats, congrats! :heart: EVERYTHING! The Groom is adorable!
  8. You have a cute collection! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Beautiful ;)
  10. i PROMISE when my guy comes home tonight I will make him take pics of me!
    lol...hope I don't chicken out!
  11. yeah ya do :p

    I have a feeling that you need to stay away from Minnesota...*guarding myrtille cles and denim bandana!*


    u know i love ya!
  12. wow gorgeous, I never thought to buy scarfs. how do they work as a head band?
  13. Lovely selection! Amazing group you chose!
  14. that is my favorite way to wear my bandanas! Helps hold the messy hair in place!

    the bandeaus are great as headbands too but it is so annoying to try and get it right!

    buying bandanas/bandeaus is one of my favorite things but for the price I cringe sometimes!:shame:

    Let us know if you make any purchases! Lvoe them scarves!
  15. Congrats! My favorite is the LVOE bandeau :love: