I've gone L.E., and now it looks like I'm doomed to stay there

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  1. OK we all knew my collection would never quite be complete :p.

    When this first came out I didn't really like it, because I thought it didn't look very functional. Then as time went by and I looked at it more and more, I started to like it, and I figured it was a very limited piece, I should just get it. Now that it's here I can't believe I ever passed up on it when it was in the stores. I had to pay a little over retail for it, but it was well worth it; it's so cute :love:

    Now, since I haven't done this in a while... :graucho:
    box 001.jpg
  2. ONe of the Vernis hearts?? Which I'll be so jealous because I need one too!
  3. Oh no! I'm off to work. Checking back later. :lol:
  4. oh come on! reveal it!!!!

  5. i'm guessing a heart as well? show show show!!!!!
  6. Mmmhmm...Dentelle Kirsten?
  7. yeah the not very function line makes me think heart too now what colour uuummmm.....pomme I think
  8. oh poshinstyle you've made me thingk now that box could be a big one there's nothing to get a size perspective....ok I don't know now show us the pics (or at least one more)
  9. i already bought the Pomme d'Amour Coeur when it first came out, so it's not that :lol:. ok here's another one. i promise i won't drag this one out :p
    box 002.jpg
  10. show me the bag~~~~, err LV!!
  11. I'm clueless! LOL....I'll check back later for the final pics!
  12. Sandra!! Show us!!

    Haha and I adore LE items so hurry hurry!
  13. Exciting! Hurry :yahoo:
  14. Dang...9 of us waiting to see LOL!!
  15. is it a Groom agenda?