I've gone and fell in love with the Polka Dot Panama Bowly!!

  1. So I went two days ago to try on the Antiqua GM in brown that I had sent to my home store, and it didn't do anything for me. It wasn't calling my name as I hoped it would. So I have been consistently browsing the LV site to see what else may interest me.

    I can't help it but I just keep looking at the Polka Dot Panama Bowly! I looked around PF and it seems it was very limitied??? I saw a one on e-bay but since I am a recent LV convert I am not sure about authenticity (and yes I am familiar with the authenticity thread). How much did it retail for when it came out? I know it ranges in the thousands like 2 ish??

    The thing is though I'm currently a student and the idea of spending that much on one bag that's not even leather is :push: . I don't know what to do ... :crybaby: . I could so see myself using it as an everyday bag, it just so cute.
    Snapshot 2007-08-10 03-05-25.jpg Snapshot 2007-08-10 03-06-03.jpg
  2. The Polka Dot Panama Bowly retailed for $2,550 USD the last time I checked.

    It's a GORGEOUS bag. However, I think you should buy another bag at the moment, like a BH or Cabas Mezzo, and save the rest of the $ towards school needs.
  3. Yea, I know it's not a very practical bag for a student, but it just so pretty. Do you think I would still be able to find it later on?
  4. It's a very slight possibility that you might find it later on... :oh:
  5. if you follow the cost-per-use rule of justifying a purchase, then this would be a great bargain if you indeed use it everyday. but to tell you honestly, light-coloured canvas bags aren't suited for everyday use. have you seen the Epi Bowling Montaigne in ivory? it looks pretty similar and its all leather and around half the price.
  6. I love this bag!
    They have one atm at the Birmingham LV in England.
    And i love the little bells on it! LOL
    it's abit big..
    but it's still really nice!
  7. This is a bag you need to see in person before you buy it you may feel differently about it. It is very big personally the bells would drive me nuts yeuxhonettes has it she posted modelling pics in the visuals thread.

    But honestly based on what you told us I think you should pass there are bags out there that fit your needs much better than this one.
  8. There's one in Stuttgart Germany as of last weekend. (They also had the Steamer version which was positively gigantic).

    While it's a gorgeous bag, I don't think it's a practical everyday bag. It's very large, yet very slouchy. I think if you put anything heavy in it, it will lose its shape.

    Plus, it's made of uncoated light-colored canvas, which I think would be difficult to maintain.
  9. Nice bag but I agree that it is not practical for student.....
  10. I'd also have to say, very pretty but not for everyday use
  11. I love this bag! I would just baby it like I do with all my LV things, so the light color wouldn't bother me one bit. I personally wouldn't do a BH or cabas mezzo, too many of those around, branch out!
  12. As label addict said .. yeuxhonettes has this bag. Her pics made me love love love this bag. Her modeling pics were stunning with it as well. Would I ever buy it? Nope, only because I'm not a collector, just a user. So I couldn't justify that money for something I couldn't carry often. It would have to be your special special occasion bag .. you could get 2 fab everyday bags or a great bag and wallet for the same money. Just my .02 worth. :nuts:
  13. Gorgeous bag !! :tup:
  14. I went to the visual aids thread and looked at the modeling pics yeuxhonettes has posted. It just made me love the bag even more.

    As everyday bag I mean I would put in rotation with the other bags I use on a regular basis. I called 866 vuitton and they have one available in Pittsburgh at the LV Saks counter. I can't get up there to look at it for another 2 or 3 weeks. So it all depends on if it's still there. Such a dilemma.
  15. If you can't get your mind off of it, I would buy it. You can have it sent to your house, and if you don't like it you can always return it.