I've gone a little RM picture crazy: Come see!

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  1. desi: no worries. I am installing an alarm system for my townhouse like, NOW! :nuts:
    But seriously -- I didn't even consider the whole BBW strap on both bags benefit (duh)...thanks for being this to my attention, hot stuff! ;)

    ACL: Thanks for your sweet comments! And I :heart::heart::heart: the MAB Luxe...I think that it's my new fave RM. Please get the deep red one so that I can drool over it, too! Or maybe you can buy it, use it and get tired of it, and then give it to me (better yet, muahaha).... :woohoo:

    dsrk: No worries. Your pooch infidelity is safe w/me!

    sspros: Hope you like th BBW strap...worth every penny, despite the headaches in receiving it. Maybe if you call RM they can make you one, too, since they are still cranking out some BBW bags?
  2. grr I want to see your collection so bad but always get a photobucket "this picture has been moved or deleted" message in the box :crybaby:
  3. Yikes! I am so sorry!! Give me a sec and I will post a slide show (yep, I am that dorky).

  4. Okay, please just click on the pic in my signature to check out my slideshow...it's basically the same pics that are missing from this thread, plus a few more. ;)
  5. your slideshow is cool...i love it! and love all ur bags :tup:
  6. Thanks, Azumie! I put it together it instead of doing my other work, lol! ;)

    (I gotta have priorities, ahem).
  7. Yayy!!! I love looking at your RM pictures...glad I can see them again!;)
  8. :drool::drool:I watched the entire slideshow twice...your MAMs are gorgeous!!! I just bought a Ruby MAM on evilbay and seeing your pics is making me feel confident in my purchase!!
  9. Thanks, Annie! I am so glad that you got that bag in particular....it is my FAVORITE RM, absolutely the one I would make a grab for if my place set on fire (I do not exaggerate, woman). The leather is the best, you will not regret the purchase! :woot:
  10. wow, thanks for making the slideshow!

    I also LOVE the ruby! it looks like it has a pinkish tint to it. Is it mostly just red?

    The Fawn MAB Luxe was great. I haven't seen the MAB Luxe style and now I want one! Great color too. I'll need to find out where to get one!

    And your Tangerine is quite a bit brighter than mine I think. mine looks so dull. :tdown:
  11. Hey, thanks! IMO, the ruby is much more red than pink, though it's a *touch* pink...it's so to my eyes in fact that even though I love red bags the most I am not going to get a deep red bag this fall 'cause it seems a bit redundant. The ruby leather is my abolsute favorite, very smooshy yet sturdy. I had to stuff that bag with a million tshirts and socks to get it to stand up for the pics! And I *highly* recommend the MAB Luxe. I have a thread that reviews the bag somewhere out there. I want to get another one, the size is perfect. The one in my pics is from the LA sample sale (the only Luxe there). I bought it from a very sweet TPFer on ebay.
    Seriously, is you tangy bag really a dull color? Maybe it's the lighting...I took some of my pics outside.