I've gone a little RM picture crazy: Come see!

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  1. Loquita- Your collection is amazing!!! Of course I am partial to the Charcoal and Black BW MAM...it looks pristine! I am kicking myself for not getting it!!! Congrats, I shouldn't be buying anything right now anyway. I am glad you got it!;)
  2. Thanks, scoobie! I was randomly checking my email in Spain for the last time (I swear it was a total fluke) when I saw the bag and thought I was hallucinating. I didn't think twice -- I grabbed it, and am so happy that I did. And btw, I know that you have taken the caramel RM request out of your signature, but just so you know, there's a gorgeous Jane tote in Caramel on sale at Petulia's Folly. I saw it and thought of you:


    (You can see it if you use the "additional views" feature)...I am not trying to enable, I swear! :nuts:
  3. Wow, everything is so beautiful!
  4. beautiful pics and bags Lo!
    it was well worth the wait!
    i'm in loooove w/ Mico!
  5. Awe, Loquita...Thanks for thinkin of me! Unfortunately I am not a fan of the Jane...Boo Hoo wish it was a MAM!!! I'd be all of that puppy, but then again it probably would have been long gone!
  6. Haha. You're a nutjob Loquita! I love it. I miss this forum. I'm just trying to make my attendance more sporadic so I can try to save for school. But you're one of the ones that makes it difficult. Love your collection lady. Hope all is well.
  7. Your dog is too cute, sniffing around your purses!! Nice photos and great collection!
  8. Hola Loquita! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos! You have an amazing collection!! My favorites are the Fawn MAB Luxe (never seen that bag and it is TDF!!!) and your charcoal and gray BW!! WOW!:drool: Congrats!!
  9. I'm in love with your black/gray MAB! Gorgeous collection! :drool:
  10. Thanks Loquita for taking a close-up pic of the BBW Elisha strap for me! You have a great collection! Love your bed sheets, too :smile:
  11. KO :boxing: collection!!! I just FELL OUT of my SEAT here at work!!! This was so, so worth the WAIT :woohoo:Thanks Loquita for posting these STUNNING photos for ALL of us to :drool: over...it's very inspiring for me!!

    Tell me, how's the MAB Luxe working for you :confused1: Your photos make this bag look so FREAKING HOTT!! Now I know for sure I want it in a RED color...yep, I have NO RED color bags, so it's time to PULL the TRIGGER!

    Also...I :heart: Mico...reminds me so much of my little dog, Marley! :yes:
  12. Lo! YOUR COLLECTION IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!! Beautiful bags! And ofcourse i LOVE LOVE LOVE your grey bw!! And the best thing is you can use your BBW Elisha strap with BOTH bags :nuts:

    If you ever wanna part with your GBW you know where to find me :ninja:
  13. WOW Loquita, your RM collection is very, very sweet!!! :girlsigh: I :love: all your color choices, and you already know how I feel about your dog ~ shhhh, we don't want mine to suspect anything!! :ninja: :sneaky: :sweatdrop:
  14. wow you have a beautiful collection my dear! nice to see all the straps too!
  15. Hee hee...Of course I am a nutjob, woman! How do you think I chose my username? :graucho: