I've gone a little RM picture crazy: Come see!

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  1. tresjolie, p3bbz, and MJDaisy: Thanks for your comments! I was so nervous that the pics weren't going to come out! :sweatdrop:
  2. What a great collection! Thanks for sharing and posting pics! Love all of your bags and precious Mico!

    Love your new charcoal/gray BW!! Now does this mean you are out on the tone on tone gray bw....after stirring us all up? LOL! I hope Cory responds at the beginning of the week!
  3. Hey Miss Bev! Thanks for your comments! And yep, Mico is my (very) hairy baby...and he seriously :heart:s his RMs...as for the grey BW, I am so not out of that! But somehow I am not holding my breath at this point...I am pretty disappointed in the lack of response so far. :sad:
  4. ^^I know what you mean! Seems like it would not be that hard to figure out what you have available and if it is possible. I understand it probably takes communication among several people/depts but waiting a month for a response is way too much time. oh well...i will hold out hope until we get a 'no.'

    Mico is so cute sticking his head in every bag! I love it! You have fab taste in handbags! I love each of your choices!
  5. ^You're so sweet! And the funny part is that I don't even have to coax him to stick his head in the bags, he just gravitates there...I set them on the floor and he does his thing. Ahhh, nothing like a pooch with fine tastes!
  6. What a great collection Loquita! I love details too so all your pics are much appreciated it! ;)
  7. ^You're welcome...I figured that others would dig the close-ups -- I :heart: them myself, and they always help me plan my purchases better.
  8. ^ ITA :yes:
  9. Wow! Wow! Wow!! You have 2 of my RM HG's!! Ruby & Charcoal BW!!!!:nuts: Congrats!! Lovely collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. Gorgeous and thought-provoking pics, Loquita! I could tell that you are in LOVE with your collection, and rightfully so. Congrats!!
  11. Love your collection~ and cute puppy..
  12. I love your collection. My favs are the ruby mam (cuz i'd like one for myself! haha), the grey w/charcoal bw and the mab luxe! it's a very stylish bag.
  13. Gorgeous collection Loquita! My dogs aren't too interested in my bags, except to jump all over them when I get home, which never fails to freak me out!!!
  14. Nice pics! I really like the MAB Luxe
  15. Loquita your collection is gorgeous!! and very colourful!!~
    cute pooch too!