i've gone a little coin crazy!!

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  1. great colors! coin purses are sooooo addictive!
  2. My goodness!:nuts: So much for your ban! They're super cute CP's tho, Congrats!:woohoo:
  3. great purchases!
  4. Beautiful beautiful beautiful CP collection. Congrats!
  5. Thanks everyone!! Yea, I blew the ban big time! :ban:
  6. WOW...what stunning colours! Congrats...so lovely!
  7. Wow, congrats!
  8. Wowza someone went CP crazy! Congrats and enjoy them all!
  9. Wow, cute! Love coin purses - they're like candy!!!
  10. Gorgeous Coin family!!
  11. oh my oh my oh my! BEAUTIFUL collection :love:
  12. the black cherry is gorgeous! Congrats on your collection!
  13. What a beautiful rainbow!