i've gone a little coin crazy!!

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  1. Wow, great collection of cp's congrats on getting such great ones.
  2. Super cute collection!!! congrats!:yes:
  3. wow i'm jealous! they are all so pretty and cute!
  4. wow.. what a great collection!! Congrats!!
  5. How CUte~!! Got quite a nice collection there~! :tup:
  6. thanks for the eye candies!
    i especially love your SGH Amethyst:nuts:
  7. Wow!! Congrats on your amazing haul!! Now I need a CP too. :biggrin:
  8. yummy eye candy! I love your CP collection!
  9. How pretty, maja!! I was just gonna ask you "What happened to the ban?" haha
  10. GORGEOUS collection of CP!!! I esp love your SGH Amethyst CP!!!
  11. Wow! Great collection! Your Bbag must look so colorful when opened! :P
  12. :wtf:OMG, I am so jealous!!:drool: Love your collection of CP's!! (Congrats!)
  13. Wow! What a lovely collection! :yes:
  14. Wow!!!..love every single of them..Congrats!!..got a lot of great pieces!!!
  15. very cute collection!!!
    those babie are TDF!!!