I've gone a bit mad for Louboutin...

  1. Now that all the fall shoes have arrived in stores, I picked up a few things.
    I will start with my only non-Louboutin purchase of the season, Alaia suede boots with a lizard heel. Sorry no modeling photos, I was too lazy to find stockings.
    PICT0009.JPG PICT0012.JPG
  2. From left to right:
    Red patent Very Prive w/ gold tip
    Red patent Rolando
    Nude patent Very Prive w/ gold tip
    Nude patent Yoyo w/ 110 mm straight heel (yes I got 2 pairs because I absolutely love this shoe)
    Blue Suede Rolando (the color on the box is Royal Purple but I think everyone calls them electric blue)
    Brown Crocodile Simple Pumps
  3. My absolute favorite pair is the electric blue Rolando, many of you know that I have been kicking myself since I saw these at Jeffreys a few weeks back and didn't buy them. Well they sold out literally 2 days later at Jeffreys. So I was so glad when I found out that BG also received them.

    I went back today to get a second pair for a girlfriend and guess what....they have already sold out. My SA told me that 2 ladies called in and ordered every single pair (each size), I am sure that these are the ladies that are going to be listing them on eBay for way above retail. I laughed so hard when I heard this because we all probably know who these sellers are.

    If you are looking for this shoe, then call BG because they are getting another shipment in the beginning of November, so you can try to reserve a pair before they sell out again.
  4. Modeling photos of some others.

    I finally found the 110 mm Yoyo in nude patent leather with the straight heel. I have also been looking for this shoe for months now, ever since I discovered how much I love nude patent leather. I was so happy when I found them that I got 2 pairs, crazy I know. But I really feel that this is the shoe that I will wear forever.
  5. They are all beautiful! My favorite has to be the nude Very Prive with the gold tip but the Yoyos look great on you!

  6. Omg, I've officially died and gone to CL heaven... you have amazing taste!!! :love: :drool: :nuts: If I had to pick a favorite pair, I'd concur with you on the electric blue Rolando's... they're simply TDF gorgeous!! :love: I can see them looking amazing with neutral colors like charcoal/heather grey, cream, black, etc. or a fabulous print... I bought the electric blue simple pumps off of NAP, and if I weren't so scared of suede hehe, I would definitely love to own these, because they show off the rich blue so beautifully!! :nuts: Enjoy your amazing new additions!! :tup: Ohh, and If you don't mind my asking, how do the Rolando's run in terms of sizing? If I wear a 38.5 in simple pumps, should I get the same size (I was eyeing those red patent's Rolando's at NM the other day)? :smile:
  7. Can you adopt me???
    I love love love them all!!!!!!!!
    My favorite is a tie between the Nude Prive(Which I HAVE to get my hands on a pair soon!) & of course the Rolando....which again...I need. haha
    They are all beautiful!
    Enjoy them!
  8. Oops, it's not letting me edit ahh... I meant to say I was eyeing the red patent Rolando's haha. :p
  9. Junehawk - thank you! I love the Very Prive, but I feel like the yoyo is a much more practical style. And the fact that I have been searching for them for so long and just found them makes it so much sweeter.
    Fiery - I LOOOVE the electric blue rolandos, they are so beautiful IRL. I also saw this shoe in the pigalle version, but for some reason the rolandos are much nicer. Strange that the same color on a different style shoe can make such a huge difference. I also wear a size 38.5 in simple pumps, and I ended up getting a size 38.5 and 39 because at the store both fit me well. But I think that I am going to keep the 39 because they are a little better fit.
    Stinas - do you wear a size 8/9, if so come by and we can share shoes. I really want your new nude helmuts, I am kicking myself now for not bidding on them but I am glad that you got them since you are another TPF gal(especially for such a great deal).
  10. These aren't new but I figured I would post them here too:
    Nude Patents
    PICT0003.JPG PICT0056.JPG PICT0051.JPG
  11. :drool: Oh dear lord.....*Thud*.
  12. Kamilla, I adore all of them! You have exquisite taste, truly lovely! I think that sucks that eBay sellers would do that, totally unfair to all the CL lovers out there. Anyway back to the love of your shoes. Thanks for all the amazing pics.
  13. I can see why, ahh... I think I'd pass out if I saw them IRL haha! :sweatdrop: I'm tempted to buy a pair even though I have the simple pumps in leather!! :nuts: Ohhh, okay... when I stop by NM again I'll try on both sizes and see which one works best for me... thanks! :heart:
  14. Wow! Those electric blue Rolandos are awesome! I didn't know they made them in that color.

    What a fabulous collection! Thanks for sharing!
  15. I completely agree, it does suck that's why I grabbed 2 pairs JIC I was unsure about the size because I knew they would all be gone...I just thought that it was so funny that he told me the story because we both said the same thing about the size - that these ladies sell them on ebay. I went back this morning for a girlfriend and I happened to be there just as the store was opening, and he said that he just got off the phone with a lady that ordered every remaining pair that was left. In case you want to try to find them, call my SA at Bergdorfs, his name is Thomas and he is very thorough so if any come back, he will get them. The number at BG is 212.753.7300 and ask for Thomas.
    Perhaps someone will return a pair in the future?