I've "Gathered" -- I mean composed myself -- for a PCE Reveal!

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  1. Tonight I really enjoyed myself at my FP boutique's Pre-PCE Event...and brought one of my PCE purchases home with me...(but do have to wait for my other PCE purchase :crybaby:)

    Anyways, anyone around to see?:smile:
  2. i wanna see
  3. i'm here
  4. I'm here too :smile:
  5. :yahoo:Waiting!
  6. omg! a live reveal!
    im HERE!~
  7. I am really excited about this bag after seeing other reveals...and KNEW I HAD to have her. So without further adieu, introducing to my collection.....

    Ms. Gathered Sophia #15947 :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    (She's the LARGE)

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  8. OH wowwww
    It's really pretty! Can't wait to see your modeling shots!
  9. My DH actually SENT me to my FP boutique's Pre-PCE Event, to get this bag! He's my sweetie...and then he took these modeling pics for me when I got back....

    First up is the bag on the shoulder, using the handles.....

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  10. Love her. The pleats combined with the black pop. Congrats!! :happydance:
  11. And another modeling pic with the bag as a satchel....:love::heart::love:

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  12. Beautiful!! CONGRATS!!! I'm really liking the gathered Fall pieces..so classy!!
  13. And to my very happy surprise, the bag modeled as a shoulder bag using the shoulder strap....The corners do not flap downward, which I'm so happy about....The bag keeps its shape even when carried like this.

    (Modeling pics are with my items in the bag...not just with the tissue stuffing)

    And even though I didn't snap pics of the inside of the bag, the lining is that beautiful deep purple like in the black sabby or in the acorn alexandra.....

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  14. Beeeeeeeeeeeautiful! She looks great on ya! Congrats!

    She's the older sister to my liltle sister.
  15. I'm super impressed with this bag now. As always, you look fantastic in your modeling pics! Love the outfit and especially the shoes, and the bag looks perfect on you! I love it! How do you feel about this one?