I've Found The Love Of My Life.........

  1. So I had my eyes SET on the Monogram Speedy 35 to purchase this weekend.....however i was over the Reference Library and saw someone model the Neo Cabby GM and I FELL IN LOVE. LITTERALLY! I mean it's all I want in a bag...It's big...has a strap so you could wear it over the shoulder/around the shoulder and I could wear it to school....and might I say it looked SO GOOD..I've never liked the denim line but after seeing the Neo Cabby in black, i totally forgot about the speedy....only problem is, this bag would be about $1800....I guess my question would be....should I go for it? I mean, $1800 is A LOT and i know I can't afford this bag right now and have other expenses...Saving is out of the question because I definately am still paying off some bills...is this bag part of the PERMANENT collection meaning it's not going anywhere much like the speedy's?? I mean I already do have a speedy 30.........the shape of the cabby is totally me, and i've looked at it on the website but seeing it on a person makes it look a thousand times better!! :tup: I could add it on to my on-going bill paying hehe.....but it's definately something I WANT and could definately make use of especially for school. however, I don't really know what to do......because even if i wanted it for christmas, NO ONE would get this for me b/c it is WAY TOO Expensive...even if i paid half, the other half would be way too expensive!! What do you guys do if you wanted a bag so bad but couldn't have it? I know you guys would probably save up but what if that wasn't an option? lol.....
  2. I just got the black cabby GM. It's my first handbag that I've paid over a grand for. I was a bit leery about spending so much money on a denim bag, but once I tried it on at the store I fell in love. I ended up ordering it online (free shipping, no tax, so that saved a little...).

    I have no regret at all spending that amount of money on a denim bag, because it's such a great bag.

    If you love it, and it's your dream bag, then get it. I was worried that once I got it I'd have regrets for spending so much on it, but the moment I got it all my worries went away.

    They have both the black and the blue denim cabby gm's at Eluxury right now with free shipping by the way.

    Is there anything you can eBay so you can start saving some money to get it? Good luck, I hope you can find a way to get your dream bag :tup:.

    Here's mine....

  3. I have the PM and totally love her. She's versatile, comfy, holds a lot,classy, hip..what more cold you ask for? Save up for her...you won't regret it!!
  4. Congrats!looks lovely!
  5. she is gorgeous neptune!!!! however I am kind of weary of buying through eluxury as i have read some posts about receiving bags that had something wrong with it..but that's nice it has no tax! that's really awesome.!
  6. i would love to eBay a few bags of mine, however i sometimes go to the ebay threads and find that most people have trouble with their buyers of their bags and i definately would not want to go through that hassle. I wish I was a part of the market palooza, however i know it takes months to get in and i dont quite meet the requirements just yet =( also i would try craigslist but many people there are looking for bags in great condition for such a low price that it's not even worth selling!
  7. I'm sorry i can't really help you, but i gotta say that the cabby is such a great bag! I have the PM in black and i just cant stop using it! The fact that it is denim doesn't phase me at all. Yes it is expensive for denim, but it is SUCH a fantastic bag that it is more than worth it for me.
  8. I agree with the others, it's the ultimate bag. I'm super happy with it although I too balked over the price. I'm not sure how long the black will be around for, which is why I got it, but it has been out since July and it's still available.
  9. Well that's a hard question. Save up but still can't afford? IDK maybe look on Ebay. They might have some for 1/2 the price or go all sweet on your BF. lolz. I buy my own stuff and mostly I save up the money.
  10. Contradictory to what everyone else says, I say don't buy it. From the sound of it, the money could go towards other more useful things. Don't get caught up in the cycle, believe me, it is EXTREMELY difficult to get out of it. I think that bags are luxuries. Get the necessities out of the way first. You'll probably love it more at the end, if you've worked even harder for it. I hope I don't sound mean or anything. But, thats just my advice to you. Even if you miss out now, and you can't get it from the boutique, there is always eBay and things.
  11. I know how you feel... I almost took the money out of my savings (which is for grad school) to buy a Mirage! lol... But I couldn't do it because I knew it would have been a stupid decision!

    This is my advice: If you can pay it off in less than 6 months then get it. If not, then don't get it.

    There will always be TDF bags =)

    Also, Maybe call the store and ask if it is part of the permanent collection?

    PS.. I REALLY want this bag too, but it's not part of my budget right now.. I can't wait to graduate! lol
  12. I have the MM and love it!!! It's such a great bag! If you can afford it, go for it. You won't regret it!
  13. so this bag is gorgeous...i tried it on today and it was much smaller than i imagined it to be. The SA said that this would be in the collection PERMANENTLY so i didn't have to "rush" to buy it! YAY i'm happy now hehe. also, she said that they will be getting A LOT of new bags next month or so and the Mahina XL will be coming out in black denim which is a LE....howcome i didn't know about this?! where can i find out about all these LE items? b/c obviously it's not on the website.....
  14. $1800 can get you at least 2-3 other LV items LOL. Dont rush IMO. Think about it first. Impulse buys end up in regret. Well, for me it did. You may change your mind again tomorrow LOL. Give it time. :tup:
  15. what did you buy on impulse out of curiosity? yeah i think i might wait this one out till christmas lol