I've finally found the PERFECT black everyday bag!!!!

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  1. I'm in love with Chanel and Gerard Darel. The latter has been my new obsession.
    I found the perfect black bag:
    The Charlotte 24 heures bag in Black (pic #1). It is perfectly sized. It has a magnet opening which is easy to get in/out of and i love it.

    Another perfect black bag that I love is my black medium Chanel Ultimate Soft. But it's made from delicate lambskin and I cannot wear it everyday for fear of wearing it out.

    The Gerard Darel is so nicely priced too. So it can now be my everyday throw around bag. I'm so happy.

    I'm also eyeing these 2 other bags..... AHHHH how I wish I could go to Paris and pick up these 2 other beauties. The US boutiques only get the basic Charlotte bags and the Charlotte with pockets bag.

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  2. My Chanel Ultimate Soft in medium Black... :smile:

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  3. Good choices! I love that the bags you chose are classic and will last a long time. Congrats on finding your perfect bags!
  4. Such good taste!! Although I ADORE your Chanel, the one you posted pics of first is also stunning. Hope you get ahold of the ones you're lusting for!
  5. :yes:They are both lovely
  6. OOh so from your other post I am assuming that you got the 24 hour bag from Bagshop?

    I was thinking of getting it too - but I am a bit worried getting a bag without seeing any pictures from them...

    I agree - the Gerard Darel is BEAUTIFUL!
  7. LOVE them!
    Stellar taste!

  8. Thanks missmustard!! I love your Basset!!! I have a basset too.. he's 1.5 yrs and he's bicolored. They're oh so smelly but cute...hehehe :P
  9. hehe, i like it's named the 24 hour bag! how hilarious. oh, but i can tell how excited you are. well, we're all excited for you too. i like the little bow ties on each end of the bag. great accent to the bag. i think it has taste and style. the perfect black bag it is :smile:
  10. You're absolutely correct I did get the bag from bagshop.com! :yes: Now gerarddarel.com has an extensive photo gallery! I heard the beginning of the yr the website was pretty bleak.
    One concern I have is I hope the bag isn't too big. I'm not a fan of big bags and oversized bags.
  11. Your Chanel is beautiful, but agree it's not an everyday bag, you want to keep that beauty in perfect condition:heart:
  12. Love the Chanel, although for me it couldnt be an everyday bag, too hard to get in and out of. Well, not HARD, but not super easy either. I need access lol.
  13. That Chanel bag is beautiful, and I don't even really look at Chanel.
  14. Perhaps it's your time to cross to the darkside of CHANEL??? :graucho: Although I must say F/W 2007 hasn't blown me away yet.. F/W 2006, however, it's heaven! Every piece is so beautiful.
  15. Wow...I love your Chanel...it looks soooo soft!! (hence the name! haha)