I've finally broken out of my Damier comfort zone and added some color!!!

  1. I bought it almost 2 weeks ago and it's so bright (for me anyway- all of my bags are Damier, and one Azur), I hadn't used it yet. Well, today I wore black and white, so I finally used my new....

    EPI Montaigne Sac!
    EPI Montaigne Sac.jpg
  2. Very nice, Congrat's.
  3. Ooh, the splash of red against black & white is hot!
  4. congrats!! i :heart: red bags! me too thinking to break free from my shades-of-browns comfort zone, my next bag will be black lol (still a safe one :p).
  5. Love it! Red is gorgeous. You know it's a full color world out there!!!
  6. Congrats!
  7. i :heart: Red EPI, beautiful..

    i love wearing neutral colour of clothes and add colorful bags though (in my case i love carrying my epi mandarin speedy with all black clothes)
  8. So pretty. :smile:
  9. omg, its so pretty@
  10. Yay, that red is a real looker!! Congratulations on your splash of beautiful color!!
  11. oh hotness, I love the red! I love wearing red with neutrals, its just this great attention-getting POP!
  12. Beautiful color and style of bag. I also love red against black and white. Always looks so classy.
  13. This bag is exquisite, congrats!
  14. Love the colour and style! Congrats on your new bag.:yahoo:
  15. very nice.......i wish they made this in ivoire....