I've Fallen in Love with Celine All Over Again!

  1. Congrats!
  2. I'll do modeling pics soon. I don't know about tonight, but I'll probably carry it to work tomorrow and Saturday, so I'll take some then
  3. Wow, LOVE this bag! I have been thinking about this bag since dreamlet revealed hers too, you two lucky ladies so jealous, congrats! :drool:
  4. I really love this bag so much I have been thinking about getting it in smooth leather too!

    The leather in incredible, and I love the shape. The asymmetry makes it easy to get in and out of.
  5. You're so right! The placement of the zipper was pure genius! Most designers would have put it right at the top, right smack in the center, but it's tip forwards makes the inside of the bag so accessible!

    Do you know if they made it in Smooth Leather this season, or just the drummed leather? I know that Celine boutiques didn't even purchase this bag this season (at least in the US). At least that's what they told me. I'm actually surprised this bag hasn't gotten more attention. With the popularity of the LV SC, I'd think this bag would give LV a run for its money, because I really do think the Celine is the better of the two (at more than half the cost!)
  6. CONGRATS! what a find! so meant to be :girlsigh:
  7. I don't know. I hadn't ever seen the bag before I walked into Barney's a few weeks ago, and I bought the only one they had. I haven't heard of another retailer carrying it in the US, and my Barney's SA hasn't been able to track another one down.

    I wonder if it is a style we will continue to see each season, or if it will be more like the tryptique.
  8. Thank you so, so much!! :hugs:
    if you hadn't posted that pic in dreamlet's thread, I would have never had known that this bag came in smooth navy leather (maybe I would have stumbled across it eventually on the blog). Once I saw that pic, I was determined to find this bag! I just never expected to find it so soon!
    (I found it at Beyond the Rack -- the story's on the previous page ;))

    :tender: Thank you so much! Modeling pics will come soon ~ promise!

    thank you both :cutesy:
    and I really, really hope that you both find one. There's GOT to be more of these out there somewhere!
    I'll definitely keep my eyes open and let you know if I see one anywhere
  9. Wow, congratulations! She is a total beauty. I ogled Dreamlet's dune satchel too, bib big sigh! Do we know the official name of this bag? Is it called a doctors satchel?
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    Congratulations! It's pretty...

    Funny enough... I drive by BTR's headquarter everyday on my way to office but m never interested in buying from them.....Glad you get speedy delivery and the purchase comes in top shape
  11. Congrats!! Isn't it the best when you find a bag you never thought you'd get? :woohoo:
  12. Thank you!
    According to the Celine tag on the bag, it's called the SMALL ASYMMETRICAL SATCHEL. I have a feeling it's from the same family as the Doctors Bag (didn't those come with leather wrapped locks too?

    I purchased a Celine bag from them last year and it took almost 2 months to get to me, although it was fine (all the tags, sleeper, good condition) In Nov, I bought a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses that took over a month, and then arrived in a plastic Baggie attached to a piece of cardboard ~ no case, no tags, no authenticity cards. So I ended up returning them because I was concerned about authenticity. I swore after the TF incident, I'd never buy another thing from them! If this hadn't been available with the 5-day shipping, I may have passed it up

    Thank you:biggrin:
    I'm still pinching myself that it's sitting right here in front of me!
  13. That is beautiful & great colour too, what is the price of these compared to the LV SC ones, you might be enabling me lol
  14. i love this style , i think that it is a timeless piece (another celine bag that i am lusting for is the triptyque) and simply gorgeous in this shade of blue!! congrats dear :woohoo::drinkup:
  15. Thank you so much!:biggrin:
    I think dreamlet said they were $2150. BTR had the original price at $1995, so maybe that was the original price (I'm pretty sure this ones from last fall, while dreamlet's is from the current season). Either way, it's more than half the price of a SC!