I've fallen in love in the last hour

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  1. This afternoon I started looking for a crossbody bag in black, didn't have a particular brand in mind..........till I saw the miu miu bow satchel!!! It is the cutest bag, and exactly what I was looking for. :love:Though I must admit, I wanted to spend less than $200.:roflmfao:

    Can anyone tell me if it's still possible to find this bag? My quick search has only lead me to ebay. Any miu miu experts have any ideas? Thanks!! :rolleyes:;)
  2. Are you talking about the new bow or old bow? And what color? Call up Saks and they can do a search for you.
  3. Uh oh, didn't know there was an old bow and a new bow. Hmmm, let me check. I'd like to find one in black.
  4. Most Bow bags on Ebay are fakes. So be careful if you are going to buy one on there. Have it authenticated in the Authenticate This Thread first. Good Luck finding one, you wont find a real one for $200.00 dollars though it will be more like $900.00.
  5. That's the "old/original" bow satchel... I think the color on the pic you posted is talco... kind of an off-white/greyish version. There are still bow satchels about... if you call Saks, I'm sure they can find a black one for you.

    Or wait for Annaversary, a tPFer here... she's on the hunt for the alluminio bow and is updated on most of the department stores' inventories.

    I'm sure there are authentic bows on eBay, but beware... for every authentic bow, there are going to be dozens that are not... make sure you post your finds on the authenticate this thread... the ladies there are pretty good at spotting fakes like it's no one's business.

    Good luck!
  6. Thanks miu miu experts.....so begins another quest for the perfect bag.

    Can anyone tell me which season this is, or how current the bag is? Any chance I could find it on sale?
  7. Hello sweetdreams! I see you've fallen in love with the "OLD" bow bag. Here's a picture of it.


    The NEW bow just came out and looks like this:


    You wrote that you wanted the BLACK one, correct? If so, it's not that hard to find. Sort of... the best place to locate one is with Saks Fifth Avenue. Even though they are currently sold out of MOST colors, I believe the black one is still available IN SOME STORES. Rare/most wanted colors are the Alluminio, Mughetto, and the suede brown one. During my search for a Alluminio Bow, I came across a few stores with the BLACK one you are looking for, so I'd definetly recommend that you call Saks and ask for some help. From my experience, the best stores are NY, SF, and AL Saks. Those stores usually carry and recieve the most bows.

    Let me show you a few pictures of the bows in different colors.

    This is the IVORY one.

    This is the bow I currently have, which is the ALLUMINIO.

    This is the SUGHERO calf leather bow.

    This is the MUGHETTO (light pinkish) bow.

    There you have it! If you have any other questions just post em! Alot of girls are barely noticing what a beautiful bag it less, but unfortunetly it's really hard to find, but I will definetly keep my eye out on a BLACK BOW for you.

  8. OPPS, I forget to tell you that you WILL NOT find the bag in $200, if you get lucky, you'd get it around $900 (some girls got it around that price). The bow is retailed for $1,155 with tax a total of $1,200+.

    Find it on sale? I think you'd be lucky to just FIND IT in general. But goodluck anyways and if I do see one, I'll post it here for you or just PM you if no one else is searching for one.

    As of now, I know 3 girls looking for the bow. In all different colors I believe.
  9. Thanks annaversary SO MUCH for taking the time to tell me all about my new love:flowers::flowers:.

    Yeah, I definitely don't think I can afford it at full price one now, but maybe if I start saving my pennies.....maybe I'll get lucky! Looks like I've found a nice new place to visit on tpf, thanks again :P:rolleyes:

    Oh, your bag is gorgeous, no wonder it's hard to find!
  10. Your very welcome sweetdreams! I'm happy to use up my time to help out any tPFer! I hope you do get your hands on your new love!

    SOMETIMES, the Black Bow you want may be found on eBay. BUT, BE SURE TO POST IT ON THE "AUTHENTICATE THIS PRADA/MIUMIU" thread to make sure. I think that may be the CLOSEST you can get to purchasing the bow for less than $1,000+. If I ever see one, I'll let you know.

    My bag is gorgeous, BUT it's not being used. It's sitting in a SEALED box. The Alluminio bow is known for it's "rips" and as for my bow, it came with a SCRATCH and some rips so I'm waiting for a new one to be found/shipped to me. While the one I have photographed, is waiting to be returned to Saks. It makes me sad that I can't use it. :sad:

    But don't worry about the Black Bow you are yearning for! It doesn't seem to have these problems like my Allumino.
  11. Hrm, I'm curious... DID YOU EVER MANAGE TO BUY A BOW :graucho:???