I've fallen back in love...

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  1. with my city! I was so used to carrying my bigger bags that the city size seemed too small for me! I carried her yesterday and today and I am used to the size again!!!!!!!!! Does anyone else go through this~ adjusting to the sizes of the different styles?:shrugs:
  2. YES! That's what I love about B-bags. I carry one for a few days or a week and then when I'm ready to switch to a different size or color, it's :love: all over again!!
  3. awww, zacorey i'm glad you're in LOVE again!!!!
  4. Yep! I used my Day bags for the most part this past month and then over the weekend used my Maroon City and was wow'ed back into using the City bags again. I agree that is another reason why BBags are so nice... there are so many colors and styles to rotate... you can't get bored.
  5. haha glad you love cities again Z!

    I love them too...depends on the colors...I like my cities to be in motorcycle colors like black and olive ...the ones that you can take anywhere and throw around without any cares about mussing up your bag.(well, not that I do that...but they look like you can ! <g>) but my fav is still seafoam for some sentimental reason. and like brighter colors in firsts and twiggies and ...i actually love all the colors and have lots of different styles...first, twiggy, messenger, hobo, day, cities, weekender and oddball rare styles..it's alll good...each suits a different mood...I'm curious about the purse style though I don't have one ...yet! <g>
  6. V~ YOU don't have a Purse!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ I am shocked!:wtf:
  7. HAHAHA :shame: :shame: :graucho:

    nope..no purse.....and I also feel a craving for a brief coming on!!!!
    Does it ever end????
  8. zac - I heart the city! :love: I have tried to get interested in some other style, but I keep coming back to it! The only time I strayed was when I bought a shrug. :shame:
    And yet when I look at the new spring colors for '07, I picture them as yes, a city! :nuts:
  9. ^^^Hi Cate! I was using my work and courier and when I went back to the city it just seemed so small in comparison! But now I am used to it again! Your lilac is still one of my dream bags! It is a true gem!:love:
  10. ^Hi Zac! I've never seen a courier IRL, but it sounds ginormous compared to the city! ;) I'm happy to hear that you've rediscovered your love for the city! :heart:
    Aw, thank you! :kiss: My lilac and I are blushing from the compliment! [​IMG]
  11. my vintage first and citys never seem to come out and play, but i downsized to my my white work last month, and it was ok after daily weekender use...i originally had bought an 04-05 white weekender from bal and switched to work size bc i was afraid of weekender, and now, well...., lets just say i have no more issues with large size bals.:angel:
  12. i use to love my first's but now i'm in love with my black city. perfect size!
  13. I'm in love with my City bags too!!! :heart:
  14. I have never felt this way about any bag - when I carry it, I really am so crazy about it. I actually feel happier when I look at it. Amazing - I'm shocked that I could feel this way about a material good :shame:
  15. i use to cary my city and purse, but i never really into firsts... until i eyed on a FB first and then decided that i must have it! no matter the size.
    and unbelieveably, i'm used to the size :P
    now i'm craving for a work or weekender though :drool: