I've fallen back in love with ROCK AND ROLL!!

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  1. I sold my 2007 pt sgh last year and that was the worst move ever on my part!!:Push:
    But my rock and roller bag is back! This time it is a 2009 . I must say that it has the best color saturation! Deep, deep black:yahoo:
  2. really nice!
  3. Gorgeous! I love this combo, and the leather looks great :heart:
  4. What a gorgeous Black PT!!! :nuts: I went to a store today and saw a 2009 SGH Work. This is the first time I saw a 2009 Black. I have to admit that Black is not jet back in my standard. I guess we have to pick carefully when we purchase.

    Congratulation to your new baby!
  5. Thanks HandbagAngel and qwery!;) I guess I lucked out on this one!!!
  6. WAAAAHOOOO! Yay C!:yahoo:

  7. way nice - your bag is BANANAS too!!!! :wlae:
  8. :P
  9. "A", it's your turn to show off that black ggh city!!!;)
  10. I know I know. I'm taking some family photos tonight!

    PS. Don't sell this one :crybaby:

  11. i won't make that awful mistake again!:yes:
  12. Hi C! Love your new bag!!!!! Wow! The leather looks so great - keep this one, girl!!!
  13. Gorgeous!!!!

    I couldn't tell it's a 09 until you said it out loud!

  14. thanks lovely "k"! :heart: definitely a keeper! the leath is thick and I can't wait until it's all broken in and as soft as a baby's bum :yes:
  15. beautiful! all these gorgeous part-times are making me think i *need* one... lol!! :drool: