I've fallen... and I can't get up!

  1. Fallen hard for Bottega Veneta, that is! :heart:

    Yesterday I posted a new acquisition (see "Show Me Your Old Petra" and "BV Flap Satchel - Bluefly" threads) and today I received another. I took advantage of the recent sale at Bluefly and my 10% discount codes. I don't know the name but I'll call it the Flap Shoulder Bag, in Noce Nappa. I love that it comes with a mirror! It's a simple bag but the hardware adds a very elegant touch.


  2. That is such a pretty bag! Congrats on your new purchase.
  3. Wow, I can`t blame you for falling when the bags that drew you to it are so beautiful! Congrats! I especially love your choice of color, OP and Noce show off the woven leather perfectly!
  4. LOL at your title...

    another beauty, your BV collection is TDF! you have great taste!! :heart::heart:
  5. 24, your BV family is growing at an amazing speed.... !

    This bag is very very elegant when worn.... well done to another excellent collection!
  6. I love it, too! This is the same bag as the one in my avatar. There isn't a specific name for this style, as far as I know.

    Congrats and wear it in good health!
  7. Thanks, everyone!!! I really appreciate all the kind comments. Boxermom, everytime I see your posts I'd ogle that bag in your avatar. You inspired me. :smile:
  8. Nice!! Do post some modelling pics!!
  9. Congrats 24! Two great BV bags in very classic gorgeous colors. What a great collection!
  10. 24, wow, your growing collection is just stunning. Those old petras are killing me. It’s nice to see some different styles of BV around here. Congrats, and action pics are a must!
  11. I've long admired this style. It's so elegant in Noce, and I really like how all the hardware is shaped and edged differently, yet complements each other. Your growing collection is timeless yet unique. Can't wait to see what comes next!
  12. What a timeless bag, it's gorgeous!
  13. Gorgeous! Love the style and color.
    Congrats 24.
  14. Gorgeous gorgeous bag!!! Def worth the "fall"! :p

  15. Very nice bag, 24! Congratulations on your second BV! I'm jealous of your great bags. ;)
    You should post some modeling pics of the bags in action!