ive falen in love with the bayswater...

Sep 21, 2007
ive always been more of a chloe girl and have mainly chloe bags.
i have a lemon mulberry emmy which is beautful the leather is fantastic,
however i have fallen i love with the tooled bayswater!
do any of you have one and if so is it a good next bag to get, how much can i expect to get one for on ebay?
im hoping it will be great quality just like the emmy i have.
i have started making keyrings on a site that some of you may have seen on the chloe thread.
im soo obssessed with the bayswater i have even made my self a little mini version! it just makes me want one more!!!!

:roflmfao:its on my keys and i just look at it thinking this will definately be my next bag


Jan 24, 2007
oh yes, be careful on e-bay i've seen fake sites selling them. Bayswater is a lovely bag!


Mar 1, 2006
Love your keyring, it's super cute!
I have a tooled bays in oak, and it's a lovely bag - very well made with lots of details. One of the advantages of the tooled bays is that the flaps don't curl because of the extra leather decorations. On the regular bays, the flaps sometimes tend to curl a little, since the leather is soft. On the tooled, the leather flaps are thicker and sturdier, and don't curl.

Be very careful with ebay, as a rule every mulberry style has been faked, so you need to know exactly what you are buying. Outlets would be a safer option, if you are in the UK. good luck!