I've dropped >$2K on my first CHANEL jacket

  1. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    is my face right now.... but it's oh so gorgeous.

    My first RTW piece is a tweed jacket from Cruise 07 I got on sale marked down from $3,555 to $2,025. It's a lovely all year round jacket with Chanel washers on the outside and three bow tie laces.
    I can wear to the office or casually with jeans. It's not the boucle' type. It's being altered right now (me, being 5' everything is too long for me) so I will post pics definitely next week!!! :nuts:

    my bf has NO IDEA, he will FREAK OUT when he finds out I spent that much on ONE piece of clothing.

    A little rant here, so if you are petite and find that most of everything doesn't fit you... i feel your pain:
    Jeez, seriously I tried on some new Fall 2007 knit dresses in a 34 they fit so PERFECTLY, the length the bust, and I go to FENDI and try on a 38 the dresses fit so perfectly too!!
    But say I go and try Theory or BCBG dresses, they end up being too long or drapey on me!!!!

    Why must all the dresses that fit me be only foreign RTW items that cost >$1K!!! :cursing:

    Woe is me... I have bought some items from yoox.com where they have moderately priced italian and french brands, they fit well but the styles are way too modernish and i have to really dig through their site to find something i like... :push:

    I will post pics soon!!

    Swanky, could we have a RTW section on the Reference library.. please?? :heart::heart:
  2. Congrats. I bought my first Chanel tweed jacket this year as well. IMO, it's a classic piece that you will get many years of wear out of, so enjoy and wear your jacket in good health!
  3. The jacket sounds lovley!!!

    At least you can have things shortened if need be. If you are tall, theres no way to make things longer!!!! This I know!!!!

    Can't wait to see pix of the jacket!!!!
  4. WOW...can't wait to see pics!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  5. Sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics! You must be so excited to get the jacket back so you can wear it out! CONGRATS!!!!
  6. Can't wait to see the pics!!!!!
    I remembered that everytime I bought some expensive dresses, i have to hide it from my bf for a while...:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  7. You will not be sorry. I purchased the Chanel boiled wool duffle coat last winter in black and have not regretted it. You can't go wrong with a Chanel peice. You can leave them to your kids in your will!
  8. how exciting!!!!! congrats on your beautiful new jacket.
  9. Can't wait to see it!
  10. can't wait to see pictures, I have been longing for a tweed jacket from chanel for some time as well.
  11. All you ladies are soo sweet! I feel less guilty already! :blush: I'm afraid RTW is going to be an EVEN worse addiction... I'm already eyeing on Fendi F/W 07 which I think shows Karl's (Karl's design team ofcourse) much youthful, hipper side of fashion.
  12. :okay:great idea!
    Can't wait to see your jacket!
  13. OOOOH! DYIN to see pics!CONGRATS GIRL!
    once u find a designer that fits u so well...watch out!LOL!Your checkbook shall CRY!!!
    Prada clothing is my worst !I buy everything they make cuz it fits me like no other designer!
  14. This is the very same coat!! :heart:

  15. ^it's so cute!!!!!