I've dropped >$2K on my first Chanel jacket! ...PART 2 - LOTS OF PICS!!

  1. If you girls remember this thread a while back:


    I had my jacket altered 2 weeks ago and it's finally ready!! I had so much fun modeling it and pairing it up with outfits.

    I still can't believe it though. :wtf: To recap, this was a jacket from Cruise 2007 shown here:


    Notice on the model it sits right above the knee almost mid thigh. I kept the length below the knee for me because it's much nicer and modest that way for work such that it doesn't look awkward when I'm wearing a knee length skirt. I had the arms shortened, back shortened and shoulders shortened. :sweatdrop:
  2. Congrats....post some modeling shots of you with it. Smart to leave it a bit longer. Very nice jacket - Lucky girl!!!!:tup:
  3. Pics Pics Pics!!!
  4. Here it is!!



    Here's what I'm wearing with the jacket:



    Cream Cotton French Connection dress
    Black tights
    YSL patent platform slingbacks
    225 Dark Silver reissue

    Very Fall/Winter :smile: It's so hot in texas right now, i'm sweating while i was doing this.
  5. Finally..!!!




    I'm so embarrassed for the messy room. I'm sorry girls!! Bf and i still live like college students sometimes. Plus we just got back from vacation. :sweatdrop:
  6. Oh wow, hun you're rocking it! Gorgeous coat!

    The cut is perfect and it looks fabulous on you! You're going to have so much fun pairing it off with different looks! Stylish is all I can say ~Congrats!
  7. Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. thanks Jill and pink caviar!!!! i was worried i couldn't pull it off because i'm so short :sad: but fashion gives us short people so many opportunities! :smile: :idea:
  9. Absolutely stunning and worth every penny!
  10. It looks absolutely georgeous on you!
    Enjoy it honey.
  11. wow ... it's gorgeous!
  12. FABULOUS!:heart:
  13. STUNNING!! The jacket looks killer on you!
  14. OMGoodness! That's perfection on you!
    Congrats, what a fantastic lifetime piece!
  15. OMG!! You look incredible!! The whole outfit is TDF!