I've Done Something Shameful

  1. Are you kidding? Look where you are. We're all addicted. We totally understand. LOL

    Great deal on a very nice bag. Congrats!
  2. :happydance: Everytime someone ELSE orders a purse I feel better!!! I just received my dream Gucci last week....Ordered the Marc Jacobs multi pocket 3 days later....and I still on a daily basis look and drool ...look and drool....Congrats! IT's perfect!!! Post pics with it on your shoulder when you get it!! :heart: Emmy
  3. Congrats - love the hardware and webbing!

    LOL - we're ALL addicted!!! Actually, "addicted" seems like an understatement...hehehehe...
  4. love it..want more pics when you get it..please...
  5. I love the green/red/green web. Great bag and a collectible...you can't go wrong.
  6. Thanks, everyone. There was a green Blondie hobo on EBay. It's gone now and I'm regretting that I didn't go for it. I guess that's non-buyer's remorse.