I've done some damage today...

  1. The new Fall/Winter stuff is coming in pretty fast. And some of the items ordered through trunk show have arrived. Yikes... my credit card...

    Want to play 'take a guess' at what/what color items I picked up? Hehehe... :graucho:
  2. Don't make us guess, tell us!! I can't wait!! :nuts:
  3. Yea, no guessing just tell us what you got an post lots of pics.:graucho:
  4. Chop-chop! Spit it out!
  5. :drinkup: I'll serve drinks while we are waiting to see the goods.
  6. the Navy-Blue color??

    urr...can't wait urr....:graucho:
  7. :drinkup: NW - I'll pull up for a cocktail before heading out for dinner, cheers!

    When I return, uclaboi, I better see some pics! Please, pretty pleeease! :winkiss:

    I sense and smell an "exotic", and for some reason something in green or blue! Not familiar with the men's fall line, so that may not even exist, but that's my guess!
  8. :popcorn:

    tap tap tap *fingers tapping*
  9. something exotic???

    let's see pics!
  10. I've been hitting this thread 30 times in the last 30 minutes....... !
  11. Oh can we please see the pics.
  12. :roflmfao:

    I'm gonna guess something in Ferro! :graucho:
  13. Oh do show us pics! did you get something carmino?
  14. :dothewave:

    Hooray!!!!! Pics Please!!
  15. Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics!!