I've done my research, but have gotten nowhere and still need help!!

  1. I am looking for information on the Ciels Byzantins pocket scarf that I purchased from eBay. I have posted detailed pictures on the authentication thread and got some good feedback, but I'd really like to open it up on our main board.

    One thing that concerns me is that its care tag is sewn onto the bottom right corner when ALL of my other pochettes have their care tags sewn onto the top right corner. Also, is it unusual that the care tag is white instead of black?

    Does anyone know if this is was an available colorway for this pochette? I have thoroughly researched our archives and googled as well, but cannot find any information for this one. I saw that there is a website called precious colors, but everytime I try to click on its link, I get an error message. Is there any other website to view scarf information as far as colorways, artists, date produced, etc.?

    I hope this one is authentic, because it really is beautiful! Thank you and Happy Holidays :heart:
    cielsfullTPF.jpg cielscaretagTPF.jpg cielsbyzantinsTPF.JPG cielsartistTPF.jpg cielsTPF.jpg
  2. Smallfry, Did you take these pictures? If these are not your own pictures,I would examine picture 4 and 5. The detail in each is very different. Look at the corner details. I always suspect that people put some authentic photos and mix in some of the "actual" scarf you will receive.
    Just my very, very, suspicious nature, when it comes to items that are known to be faked.

  3. Thanks dutchess! Yes, these are my pictures of the actual scarf that I received.
  4. In that case, I would say that it is a nice scarf. Photo 4 shows much more depth and detail of the pattern. I don't have this scarf,but I do have a few white care tags on scarves. All of mine came directly from an H store.
  5. Thanks dutchess :heart:

    Still wondering about the care tag being sewn onto the bottom right corner...anyone? Thanks!
  6. You say you have done your research. If you go to any H store and randomly pull out 10 gavroches, I'll bet you that one or two will have the tags on the bottom corner. It's. not. a. big. deal.
  7. seton...it sounds like my thread annoys you. I don't understand why. By research I meant searching through all the written information available on tPF. I asked the question here because I was hoping someone would know the answer without my having to go to an H-store to look at the tags. Plus, all the other pocket scarves that I own which were purchased at Hermes have the tags on top.