I've done it: 2 Vuittons in 2 Days!


Do you like my new cles?

  1. Yes, I love it and I've got it!

  2. Yes and I want it!

  3. I would have bought a plain MC/damier/epi etc. rather than this.

  4. I would spend my money on something else.

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  1. This is record breaking for me! 2 Vuittons in 2 days, I usually do 2-3 Vuittons a year but this time I've grown to become a complete addict. I keep wanting more!

    Anyway, as I've told you before - they're only 2 MC Groom cles left at my local LV boutique. They've reserved one for me, a new one that hasn't been touched before (its white stripe is whiter than the other display one).

    Can any LV experts advise me whether this is a limited version or not? I was expecting a little booklet to explain what's behind the cartoon but it only came in a box and a dust cover.

    I got it for US$220. Slightly more expensive than the plain MC one. But I believe this is an item that is becoming rare in LV circles?

    Here are some pics from my purchase:






    Thanks for looking! ;)

    Sorry if my thread title was rather misleading in that you may have thought I bought two bags in two days. :p. Trust me, that day will come sooner or later.

  2. congrats on your new LV! it is indeed very addictive, you're surrounded by LV insatiables here. i trust that you won't be posting about this in that other forum ;)
  3. It is limited edition. I have the groom agenda in yellow and love it! Sorry, I can't remember the exact story behind the groom but I believe it has something to do with early LV. Someone else will probably know. Congratulations!
  4. Duckie!:roflmfao:I heard that!

    Love it and have it! Congrats.
  5. Heheheheh, I've completely abandoned that "other" forum! Thanks for the comment. ;)
  6. congrats, good choice!!!
  7. Love the groom Cles.. I wish I would have bought one when they are out... I think its going to be hard to locate one now :sad:

  8. Nice! The wallet and cles go well together!
  9. O:huh:o congrats on your new groom cles.
  10. Nice Choice! I have the groom ronde and haven't regretted it a day!
  11. I love it! It looks really great, congrats!
  12. Very lovely the groom prints are just adorable - enjoy your addiction :p
  13. loves it!!!! COngrats!! Next time get the azur.
  14. I have the exact same Cles - mine came with a Monogram Groom Booklet...

    "Inspired by a Louis Vuitton advertisment dating from 1921, the Monogram Groom collection is a tribute to the House's history which is rooted int the art of travel and luggage.

    At the start of the 20th century, while sumptuous hotels flourished, a well-to-do clientele, eager for discovery, boarded great transcontinental express trains and embarked upon ocean liners to visit major capitals full of enchantingly named hotels; New York, Paris, London, Shanghai and Tokyo. These golbetrotters collected hotels' coats of arms on their subtly decorated trunks. Sometimes, the owner's ititials were discreetly inscribed on his Louis Vuitton trunk,emphasized by two handpainted bands of color reflecting the family crest.

    In order to make these travellers' visits in these great hotels all the more pleasant, an immaculately turned out Groom was on hand to always do is best to welcome the clientele. He passed on messages, stacked up the trunks, and carried parcels, transporting whatever was necessary with a perfectionist's touch."

    Hope this helps!! Oh and congrats!!
  15. Wow, thanks Luke. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm kinda sad they didn't give me the Groom booklet, would it be okay to call the store and ask for one?