I've decided!

  1. I'm either going to get the french purse in Mono or Damier....Which would you get if you were me and why? :drool::yahoo::wlae:
  2. I would get the fench purse in Damier Azur
  3. Mono would go with more of the items I have, so that is something to consider personally. But I love the Azur!
  4. I love the color, except my only worry is that it'll get dirty easy :s
  5. id go vernis. but if i had to pick just reg mono or damier, id go mono. classic. will always match, great resale value.
  6. Damier! For wallets I really prefer damier- IMO you can use it with more types of bags (other monograms, brands, etc.). Plus the structured look of Damier looks great on small items.
  7. Damier!