I've decided to return my Legacy shoulder bag tomorrow

  1. I got this bag for Christmas in juniper. I wasnt really feeling the color, and realized I didnt have a black leather bag, so I exchanged it for the black. Since then I've purchased two black bags that I like better so this and the matching wristlet are going back for a merch credit. Maybe I'll check out the new Legacy stuff when it comes out, but I dont think I want it in patent. I have the pond ergo in patent - thats probably enough patent for one season! Fortunately I keep all of my receipts because I know these bags are at the outlets already.
  2. I always keep my receipts too. Makes returning so much easier.:yes:
  3. I hope you find a bag you like better!

    I keep my receipts too because some stores (like Target) are VERY strict with returns.
  4. that's too bad you don't like the legacy shoulder bag.. one of my fav :biggrin:
    I hope you find the bag that suits you better..:tup:
  5. Its a shame because I really do like the bag, I just cant find a color that I: 1. like! or
    2. dont already have several bags in the same color! I know they are coming out w/more legacy, but I just dont think patent and legacy mix. Maybe they'll have more regular legacy leather bags in the fall.
  6. ^^^ ITA. Thats the great thing about Coach - they have so many great items releasing all the time, if nothing floats your boat right now there is another release coming up to drool over. :yes:
    Hold out for something you truly love and will fit into your collection.