I've decided to keep my Miroir!!!

  1. So here he is!!! Miroir, miroir on the wall...
    Vuitton Miroir Gold Lockit.jpg
  2. Congratulations on the gold lockit! It's really a stunning bag.
  3. Were you able to buff out the scratch?
    It looks like a piece of art on your wall!!
  4. Oh wow i love that picture!
    It's stunning :smile: congrats!
  5. I am glad you decided to keep her. She is stunning!! I still haven't seen anyone IRL with this bag.
  6. yay!!
    she's absolutely gorgeous :heart: congrats!
  7. Beautiful bag, enjoy it!!!!

  8. Nope, Karman suggested that it's a crease. Most of the miroir owners says that it happens. It's just so hard to find a replacement so I decided to keep it.
  9. beautiful
  10. congrats, its gorgeous.
  11. haha, what a cute picture!

    Glad you decided to keep it
  12. Fabulous! Congrats!
  13. YAY!!!

    It looks STUNNING! :nuts:

    The lockit is my favorite Miroir style, BY FAR! Great choice!!!
  14. Good for you! I am sure you would have regretted retuning it
  15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that is beautiful!!!!! I love gold miroir!! and the lockit is just stunning!!! great choice :tup: