I've decided to ditch balenciaga and go......

  1. .....green. Well actually pink!!

    Okay calm down ladies, I'm only joking!!:roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Marie Claire is giving away with its magazine (of course) a freebie shopping bag, and whilst most days I like a bit of balenciaga glam, this is ideal for carrying around your Xmas or RAOK shopping!! And in addition it is good for the environment!!

    PLASTIC AIN'T MY BAG :love::love: AIN'T IT CUTE!!


    My apologies if this infringes on any laws i.e. mentioning a magazine name.
  2. [​IMG]
  3. LOL, F&G! Very cute bag!
  4. That is cute, reminds me of the Anya Hindymarch canvas bag (I'm sure I butchered her name).
  5. Great idea F&G!!! These are perfect for taking to the grocery store as well.

    Sorry for the preach: the world uses more than 500 BILLION plastic bags a year (a family of four in the US throws away about 1,500 a year). By cutting just 100 million plastic bags a year we can save 1.5 million litres of oil, and eliminate 4.2 million kilograms of carbon dioxide.
  6. really cute!