I've decided on my next bag!

  1. I was trying to decide between the BV and the Damier Geant Loup in the green, and I decided on the Damier Geant Loup! :yahoo: Hands free!

    I chose it instead of the BV because the BV has an open top, so I wouldn't be able to take it out when it rains. With the Loup, I probably would not worry about taking it out when it rains.

    Also, I already have a monogram bag and I don't have a Damier Geant bag so I don't have to worry about being monogramed out! :p

    It'd also be easier to carry as I don't have to worry about one of the shoulder straps slipping in the BV.

    I know this bag isn't that popular with the females here. Do you think its too masculine or looks too much like a book bag?

    I wont get it until May the earliest because I've already bought 2 new bags in less than 2 months. :push:
  2. JMO... I think the Damier Geant in any color even black as being too masculine even though it may pass as unisex in design.
  3. Thanks for your opinion. I asked the SA if its a men's bag, and she said that she has never sold the bag to a man, only to women. :shrugs:
  4. I'm not fond of the huge logo on the front.
  5. can't wait to see picutres!
  6. ^^ Of course she/he'd say that.
    Besides, maybe the women are buying them for their men ;) :p

    Regardless of, if that's what you like, who cares who's it made for. I have a men's belt from Hermes b/c I find the women's to be too thin.
  7. Good for you- post pics when you get her in May!
  8. OOO! Can't wait till you get it and POST PICS!
  9. Congrats! Can't wait to see her. :love:
  10. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics when you get it!
  11. I say...go for it!!!

    Alot of the mens lines do have cleaner looks and some of them I would totally buy, if I wasnt so into this one pattern...:p

    Can anyone post pic of this style though?:shame:
  12. Its on the LV website under the Damier Geant line and the colour is called "earth".
  13. Terre is a cute color too for loup, pre grats for ur next LV :yahoo:
  14. Thanks! Why do they call it "Earth" on the LV site? :shrugs:

    So what bag did you end up getting your boyfriend? :graucho:
  15. Damier Melville pochette, but it went back to Elux after he found the price....but i think it's mostly due to jealous co workers' commenting it as a girly...might get him a pre love messenger under 500 instead so his eyes don't pop out, or feel pressured to 'top' my gift, kwim?