i've decided i want an ellipse rop

  1. So, i've made up my mind. I want an ellipse. I've loved it for about 7 years and i want to pull the trigger now. Problem is, they are sooo expensive brand new. There are 2 that i'm looking at on eBay, but that's always so risky...

    anywhere else i could look? do i just bite the bullet and buy a brand new one full price??
  2. I would buy it at the store. I mean, even if it means saving a little longer, I'd personally enjoy the handbag a lot more if I have absolutely no doubt that it is authentic! This is just my opinion though, since I've been burned on eBay before and vowed I would not go back. But I know plenty of people have had good experiences on eBay, so you just have to be *very* careful! Maybe you can check sites like let-trade and karenkooper (sp?) too, that people here recommend!
  3. Check the mprs resellers, I saw a couple of Ellipse MMs on 2nd-handbag.com. There are several TPFers who've bought from him ;)
  4. thanks girls! i'll def. check all of these out!
  5. yeh if you have wanted it for that long go for the whole boutique experience! x

  6. I agree - you waited 7 long years - you should reward yourself by going into the boutique. :wlae:
  7. I love the ellipse and am waiting for the day I can afford one. Congrats!
  8. I have the ellipse pm and i love it!
    I agree with Luva pug and LisaG719 go for the whole boutique experience!:smile:
  9. yeah..that would be nice, but i can't afford that. lol i'd rather get it used and save myself $400+ :smile:
  10. Like you i feel fast for this bag and love it. I agree its a big buck for this bag new and went for a used one, So happy I did.
    Try let-trade.com great seller.

  11. I just bought the ellipse PM after wanting it for forever too. I love it- it's a great bag! Good luck on your search for one!!
  12. There's one on Fashionphile for $350:


    The handles look pretty bad through.... I've seen them on the same site in better shape. Fashionphile should also put the bag up for auction on ebay if it doesn't sell in the online store in the next week or so and you can probably get it much cheaper.
  13. hey bailey, thanks. yeah, the handles are a little too worn for me, but thanks for the heads up! :smile:
  14. I would buy it from louis vuittton.