I've crossed over to the dark side... Clothes-obsessed!

  1. Whoa!! I never spent this much before on clothes!
    It's either Gap, Banana Republic, or something off of Bluefly once-in-a-while.

    It all started with the thread on $201 Manolo Blahniks at NM.

    I'm still in shock... I didn't think I would find so many items on sale at Neiman Marcus, especially Marc by Marc Jacob tops/dresses and Theory pants. I'm going to have to pass on an LV clutch now and I don't even feel guilty about it. :supacool:

    It was always about the purses and shoes. Tonight was totally different. :yahoo:

    I've never spent over $300 at one time/transaction for clothes, so $1,300 is major for me!!!

    I think I'm almost over my purse-obsessed days and now focusing on the quality of clothes I have.

    Is this going to hurt more than purses?? :push:
  2. Sounds like yu had the best time. I hope you are having fun putting everything in your closet today :yahoo:
  3. LOL. It might... It's way easier for me to justify buying new clothes than purses and shoes.
  4. Just don't buy too many super trendy items that you will ask yourself "What
    was I thinking?" a couple of months from now. If you buy classic pieces that
    fit you well and you love....you'll be in great shape! Love the feeling of a fab
    new outfit :smile:
  5. AHHH I'm jealous! I'm leaving on vacation on Monday so I'm on a clothes and shoe ban, but how I would love to spend $1300 on pretty new things! And I agree with chloe231: as long as you didn't buy things that were super trendy that you won't wear in a few months, then you're in fine form and are well on your way to starting a fabulous and well-loved wardrobe.
  6. I do sales...
    on anything from clothes to shoes, jewelry and handbags.

    As long as I see it as "wow" they actually made a profit selling for that price?

    Like my $8 Chloe "seeby" tank that was $80. Love anything 90% off!
    Or a "Miss Sixtys" boots $79 and it is in season with zapos still selling at $200++... then my god even for $1300, I'm in heaven!
  7. Awww... thanks for the wonderful tips!

    I'm glad to know that there are other price-conscious shoppers out there. :wlae:

    :heart: Love anything 90% off! :heart: