I've crossed over-sort of

  1. I've always been an LV girl to the core, and I still am, but there has always been something about the Paddy that has pulled at my heart strings.

    I was set on getting an Epi Red Speedy for the fall when I came across the grenat paddy being listed by PFer sunspot and it was LOVE at first sight.

    Just got her today, and my, my MY...it's a good thing that I'm somewhat disciplined because I'm already making a mental list of the different colors I "NEED" this bag in...

    Thank you again Carolyn!

    As you can see, she looks right at home next to Louie
  2. Lovely bags! Chloe looks right at home! Just beautiful!
  3. That is a beautiful color and bag.
  4. Aw Carolyn sold that gorgeous bag!!! Congrats, that's the most amazing color EVER. So rich.
  5. WOO HOO for you!
    Welcome to the Chloe family :love:
  6. How ODD!
    I've just crossed over from Marc and Balenciaga and I'm currently awaiting my Craie Paddy and Speedy 35!!!!

  7. I love that color. They look like they will be great friends.
  8. Wow, that is one gorgeous paddy! Congrats!
  9. I think you should name her RUBY :love:
  10. Beautiful!! Grenat was my first Paddy color too. =)

  11. Congrats! Grenat is an absolutely fabulous color for the paddy!!! She's absolutely beautiful!
  12. Wow! I wish they make Betty in that color and leather! Congrats!
  13. Ooooohh ... the grenat is a beautiful color :love: !!!!!! Congratulations!!
  14. Very pretty! Enjoy it!!
  15. If I had a red bag, I'd want it to be a paddy.... beautiful paddy sratsey! Enjoy, and buy more!