I've come to a sad decision...

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  1. As much as it hurts me to say it, i've decided to return my Atlantic Peyton. I know, it's so sad, but i've realized I will never use it. I'm trying to only buy bags that I know I will definately use and I think this bag is too much like my lily and my ellie. I don't need another big satchel type bag. And I also canceled my order for the Bottle Green Bridgit. I only ordered it for the color, i'm obsessed with green but then I remembered that while I love the way it looks, it wasn't very functional for me. I had one a while ago and returned it, so why am I ordering another one. So it's a sad day but it will give me $800 or so back in my pocket and that makes me happy!
  2. Don't worry, there will be more bags! Try another style besides the satchel next time. It could be that you're bored with the style too.
  3. If you don't see yourself using it much, then DEFINITELY return. Put your money towards something you WILL use. That bag is too much money to have it sitting in the closet more than on your arm. IMO.... :yes: You'll find something else.
  4. Don't feel bad - I've totally done that before too! There are bags that I love but they just don't seem to work IRL!! I'm trying to do the same thing as you are as well -only buy what I'll actually use because over the past year I sold and/or gave away thousands of dollars (at a huge loss) of unused or used once bags that I had bought over the years.