I've come back to the darkside. Muranogrl is a bad influence!

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  1. Given that I still received PCE despite the fact I haven't bought anything in months, I felt that I still had to use it. I reserved myself to the fact that it would likely be something small, since we're still recovering from our wedding 4 months ago.

    That is until I saw Muranogrl's PCE reveal, and I fell in love. I nearly begged DH to take me to the FP store this evening, and this is what I walked out with. This is probably my favourite wallet that I've EVER owned.


    I also fell absolutely head over heels in love for the small black leather Sophia. It's the next bag I'm saving for and hopefully I'll have it in a few weeks! The Camel Patent Sophia is also on my list.

    I am in so much trouble, and I couldn't be happier! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! Nice choice :smile:!!
  3. oh what a lovely purchase!

    you should just get the matching bag now, at least you'd get it at 25% off. (that's how i always win over my hubby - he'd always rather me get it at a discount instead of fp lol)
  4. I saw that wallet IRL today and it's AMAZING! Congrats!! :drool: Now I regret not getting it, lol.
  5. Oh I tried, I even tried to push the fact it's my birthday in 3 weeks. He can't be moved. He'd rather me get the money together myself, jerk.:P
  6. Yay! Don't you love it!! And I took my small black leather sophia out today. She's awesome. So cute! I love her. You will love her too! Glad that you're back:smile: Did you buy it at southcentre? Did they have the new floorset out yet?
  7. i love it!!!! i want the wallet and the shoulder bag really bad!!!!
  8. Gorgeous wallet!
  9. Thank you everyone!!

    I'm so excited, I can't believe how wonderful the size is!!

    I did, the girls were so excited to see me. I was surprised how many ones there were. They couldn't believe how big my little guy has gotten. They were putting out the floorset when I was in. They had some of it out, but were in the process of pulling all old Madison.
  10. Ha Ha!

    Your wallet is gorgeous!!! Congratulations! I just got mine today and I love it!
  11. love it! congrats!
  12. Beauuutiful, congrats!
  13. That's SOOOOO pretty and classy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Lovely wallet!! Congrats!!
  15. Very nice, looks like a million bucks!!