I've cleaned vachetta with cleansing milk!!! It worked GREAT!!!

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  1. Hi ladies!

    One month ago I had color transfer from my new BLACK coat on the vachetta of my Monogram Lockit.. I nearly fainted when I noticed it, I was so upset and angry! :mad: :censor:
    It was not sooooo dirty (just some black shadows on the vachetta bottom and on the handles), but It was so annoying..
    So I browsed the forum to search infos on cleaning ways and I asked infos to a lovely PFer who suggested me to try CLEANSING MILK (thank you Alice, you are a sweetie!! :flowers:).

    Well, I have been thinking about it for a month, then finally I decided to do it.. so I got a sensitive skin cleansing milk and yesterday I did it!! I just took the cleansing milk, put it on cotton and gently rubbed the vachetta, erasing most of the black away!!

    What to say? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! :yes: It's a soft way to clean vachetta, it will not scratch or damage it!
    Now the bag is cleaned and it has darken just a bit, not so much! I'm so happy now, I think I will always use this cleaning method!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :party: :dothewave:

    I'm posting before and after pics.. I'm attaching them!
  2. Before pics.

    Pic 1: deep black stain on the bottom of the bag (corner)
    Pic 2: here you can barely see some black shadows on the base of the handle (I know they aren't so evident in the pic, but I can tell you for sure that they were more visible in reality)
    Pic 3: light black stain on another corner of the bag
    Pic 4: bottom of the bag (not dirty BTW)
    Pic 5: you can barely see some black shadows on the bottom of the bag (lighter in pic, more visible in reality).

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  3. Great results and thanks for posting pictures! What is cleansing milk? Is it a cleanser normally used on the face? Can you let me know what brand it is? Hopefully I can find it in the U.S. I use baby wipes right now, but sometimes it seems to dry the vachetta.
  4. After pics.

    Pics 1 & 2: bottom of the bag. No more black shadows (even if they were very minor). Plus, you can see that the deep black stain on the corner has become lighter (I got most of it out, there is still a very light shade of black but it's ok..didn't want to rub too much!)
    Pic 3: bottom of bag same than before
    Pic 4 & 5: no more black shadows on the base of the handles (even if they were very minor).

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  5. Hi cpster! Thanks for looking at the thread!! :flowers:

    Yes, cleansing milk is a facial cleanser normally used for face's skin! How do you call it in English??
    The vachetta doesn't seem too much dry, maybe just a little than before, but I'm so happy about the final result!! :yahoo:

    The brand of the cleanser I used is Avène, don't know if you have it in the USA.. I'm taking a pic and posting it!
  6. More pics: bag before and after cleaning

    Pic 1: before cleaning (pic taken in december 2007, before color transfer)
    Pic 2: after cleaning (pic I took today)

    You can see that the vachetta has darken just a bit! :party:

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  7. I used this product

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  8. WOW- that cleaned up nice... congratulations on a job well done!
  9. cpster- I bet we could use Cetaphil here in the US.. that is a mild cleanser for the face... I bet it is just like a 'cleansing milk'.
  10. Hi Martina!
    I am so glad you had great results!! :biggrin:
    It's always great to see the handles back to clean, I hate when my handles are too dirty - winter is great because I use gloves and so the bag has to be cleaned less!

    Avene is sold in Japan, I'm 100% sure! So I guess it's sold also in the USA!

  11. Hi Alice! It's because of you that my bag is now cleaned! :yes: :flowers:
    Thanks for suggesting me "il latte detergente" (the facial cleanser). :ty: You were right, it's really a good and soft cleaning idea! :tup:
  12. I guess I'll never understand why people use such things when there are products specially formulated for these issues.

    Face wash and hand lotion being used on leather.. What about using a leather cleaner and conditioner instead? :confused1:
  13. Thank you for sharing! :flowers:
  14. Wow Martina,great job!:woohoo:
  15. Because we are from Italy and those products always named on PF are not on sale here and also I have never see in all my life a leather cleaner on sale here in Italy!
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