I've been wondering

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  1. what do boutiques do with returned bags. Do they re-sell those or send back to the manufacture? What if someone bought a bag and intentionally returned an exact immitated one and the SA took it? (all SA in here please don't get mad at me, I apologize if it offends any of the SA :sad: ) What if you then end up with that purchase? :confused1: ....... I haven't ran into that situation, but is it ever possible? How do you prove it down the line that that was the one you paid for?
  2. as long as a bag is in 'salable' condition, it will be sold to another customer. It's not impossible for Ur worry to become reality as I just recently learn how uneducated my SAs are at authenticate LV *shiver*
  3. Thats scary.
  4. well that just gives us justification for obsessing over the "perfect" bag, right?;)
  5. another reason why I've become so paranoid lately :sad:

    "brand new, never been used beautiful louis vuitton mini lin speedy 30. Gorgeous, comes with care booklet and lock with matching numbered keys and lock. Exact mirror image replica-- the employees at louis vuitton in beverly hills cant tell its not real! I sell more of these, so if your interested in a different purse, let me know! I am willing to meet in person so you can see the purse for yourself and how EXACT it is-- date code and stitching in all the correct places and numbers. Everyone who sees this purse falls in love with it."
  6. This topic has been talked about many times in the past... perhaps try using the search feature above next time. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.