I've been wanting a pair of CC swarovski earrings!

  1. Since forever! Where can I find them? TIA!
  2. Most retailers have them, Saks nm, chanel bouique, 240 for the large , gl they are pretty
  3. like sjunky13 said... you can find them most anywhere that carries Chanel. Just specify which size you want and what style. (e.g. some come w/ different color stones sometimes -but I haven't seen any in a while, it never hurts to be specific though!)

    BUT I know that Chanel Rodeo has both the larger size, and the teensy/smaller ones -I saw them both today at the boutique. Just call and ask
  4. ^how much are the smaller ones??

  5. How small are the smaller ones?
  6. Sorry, LVCRAZED... I'm not exact on the figure, but I'm pretty sure they should be around 225-ish? Give or take $10-15? Because I own the larger size and they were around 250

    Sorry, perhaps another wonderful tPF-er can give us a more accurate price?
  7. Thanks! I think I'll definitely look better in the smaller ones since I have smaller lobes.
  8. Thx janny for your input!;)