I've been waiting years...

  1. I remember the first time I saw a stam bag at my local NM.
    I was trying not to drool too much, but once I saw the sticker price I walked away in agony.
    Well...thanks to eluxury and their recent private sale.
    A beauty arrived this morning -
    Stam in Mouse.
    I'll get photos up soon.
    But for all the ladies who are like me and can only afford a nice bag once a year (if that), I am on cloud 9!!!!!!!!
    This is the best black friday purchase of my life! :smile:
  2. congrats!!!
  3. Congrats!!!! Post pics when you get it! You'll love the Stam, I was drooling over that bag when it came out too. I still can't get past the sticker price though. Lucky you grabbed it on sale! :yahoo:
  4. That's wonderful!! I totally know what you mean by love at first sight with the Stam but having the price tag scare you away. I'm the same way. Can't wait to drool over your new baby!! :heart::heart::tup:
  5. me too/\ i've been after a baby stam for the longest time and found a first season one last week for a price i could afford....i love it! just got it a few days ago....they're such lovely bags!!!