I've been waiting soooooo long.

  1. for the LARGE red purseket to come back in stock! i need it desparately for my speedy 30! :cursing:

    anything else i can use for now?
  2. oh, it's out of stock from eBay too? I got mine (multi dot) from moonlight(sp?), and it's a life saver. Hope u can get it asap!
  3. I too am on a waitlist!
  4. pochette :smile:
  6. I know how you feel. I couldn't get a medium panther purseket for ages and my Speedy 25 was a mess inside.
  7. well....there IS a granny version (IMO) pursebrite......
  8. whoa. theres even a waitlist for them...i didnt know they were this popular.
  9. I don't understand why purseket can't get their act together! They never have stock!
  10. You could try Joey Jr. I bought their purse organizer since I didn't like the colors and patterns that Purseket offered. I think they have a red? I bought a fuchsia one for my ginormous Gucci tote :flowers:

    edit: I just noticed you're looking for a LARGE size Purseket. I think that Joey Jr is equivalent to the size of a medium Purseket. However, they are cheaper than Purseket and they have really fast shipping.