I've been very very bad...pics of new bags!

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  1. Well, I got two new bags this weekend in anticipation of my bonus.
    After seeing Savannah912's BV cocker...I fell in love.:love: I got the navy. The leather is so yummy I want to bite it! :weird: Although it hasn't spoken to me yet! :nuts:

    I was also really liking the Jimmy Choo Rasia bag but all I could find was brown and navy (didn't want brown; didn't want navy), so finally found the lime. It's gorgeous! :love: It's a very subtle lime, very yellow with a hint of green. The leather is really soft. Very spring! Can't wait to wear with all white!

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  2. oooo nice! :biggrin: I love the Jimmy Choo! The BV is a beauty too!
  3. I love the Jimmy Choo.
  4. Wow, both beautiful colors! :love: :love: :love: Absolutely gorgeous, both of them. I love the Choo, that lime is fun! :nuts:
  5. I love the BLUE ONE......did it come in any other color?
  6. Beautiful Greenie! You aren't bad you need to treat yourself. If you don't spoil yourself who will? lol
  7. Pretty!!! Greenie, I just think your avatar is so hilarious. Love it!
  8. Thanks you guys; you all are the best!!:love:

    MissV, The cocker comes in white and brown and also python "if you've got it like that"
  9. Oh Greenie they are great. Love the colors. :biggrin:
  10. Grats on the two beautiful bags! I just love the colors of both! They look like fun s/s bags!!!!! Enjoy!
  11. Whoa! Lovely bags! Congrats!!!
  12. beautiful!!! Love the BV! Actually I love them both!
  13. Love that green, addicted! Gorgeous colour.
  14. Love the BV, beautiful colour. How is it on your shoulder/under your arm? Comfy?
  15. I was thinking of getting the Jimmy Choo Riasa Bag when I saw it in cream at Saks :nuts: ....beautiful color by the way for spring but, silly me started worrying about how the color would easily get dirty, etc. But, ever since I saw it, I find myself thinking of it...it's probably gone now :cry: ! You made fabulous choices in handbags....so beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I'm jealous and excited for you!