I've been VERY BAD....Purple x 2

  1. I just had to share these with my Balenciaga friends who understand what it means to finally track down your dream bag(s)!

    After going through my closest and having a huge eBay sale of everything I wasn't using, wearing, etc... I put together the funds to purchase not one but two of the bags on my want list - '04 Eggplant & '06 Lilac. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I'm supposed to be on purse ban...but since I wasn't actually spending additional $$$...these don't count.:graucho:

    So here they are along with an updated family photo.
    IMG_1651a.JPG IMG_1647a.JPG IMG_1649a.JPG
  2. OMG - such a pretty collection and that eggplant it TDF:drool:
  3. Congrats!!! You have such a nice collection of bbags:yahoo: Love your eggplant:drool:
  4. Amber, your collection is simply a work of art. A stunning combination of colors.

  5. They are gorgeous!!! I love purple. Congratulations and enjoy!
  6. I see you like the classique:graucho:
    I love selling useless stuff to buy new, otherwise-unaffordable but much-needed bags. Congrats!!! awesome colors!!
  7. Gorgeous colors! Is that a pistachio first? Or a vert d'eau?
  8. Good job! I am proud of you for how you worked to "earn" your new bags by selling other stuff in your closet. The colors are like a rainbow of candy colors. So pretty!
  9. Those colors are so gorgeous and looks so amazing together!
  10. Congrats !! I'm so in love with your purples!! I'm a huge purple fan but don't have any yet ( ink is the closest one).
  11. OH those are so beautiful! Your entire collection is very nice and colorful! Enjoy your new bags!
  12. i wish i could be bad too!!!! =(
  13. wow those are some serious family photos - congrats - drooling on keyboard
  14. Oooo love ur family picture!! hehe..

    and love the 2 new addition, good taste!
  15. gorgeous purples, but i love your greens too!

    is that light green bag pistachio or vert deau? i love it!