I've been very bad, but i got 2 new beauties :)

  1. I won the blake yesterday. The sophia just happened to get relisted today. I ALMOST bought the sophia last time, i even posted it here to get authenticated. I was so shocked when no one bought it and then was kicking myself for not jumping on it. So when it came up relisted today, i couldn't resist. YAY! Now i have to figure out how to sneak the sophia into the house...

    eBay: Auth MARC JACOBS Sophia Sofia Sage Green w/ Brass/Gold (item 270088487320 end time Feb-10-07 10:18:53 PST)*


    eBay: Marc Jacobs Teal Handbag - NEW **NO RESERVE** (item 160081438331 end time Feb-09-07 13:31:28 PST)
  2. WOW! Congrats on you new bags!!! Both of them are amazing! I love both colors! The teal is TDF! But the sage green is so soft and cool. Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  3. Very pretty colors!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  4. Gorgeous! Post pics when you get her!! CONGRATS!!!
  5. Congrats ! Nice bags! The sophia looks so yummy! Remember to post pics when they arrived. :yahoo:
  6. I definitely will. I can't wait until they get here.:yahoo: They are both my first MJ bags ever! I thought I was only going to get the Blake, but the sophia popped up relisted today and I couldn't risk losing her again. Yep the sophia was a bit of an impulse buy, but hey that's what tax returns are for right :yes:
  7. I know that is the story that I am sticking to. ;) You are going to LOVE that Blake. Peacock is a great color, and it goes with quite a bit more than I would have guessed initially! I love that Sophia...the sage is a pretty springish color, to me.
  8. Congrats! Pretty colors!
  9. I love the Peacock Blake! Congratulations!! :smile:
  10. Yeah! Good job, you been very bad but oh so good!
  11. You got some beauties, there! congratulations!
  12. Congrats, they're both stunning.
    Hehe you beat me, I was also waiting for the Sophia to be relisted as I missed bidding on it last time. Enjoy them both!
  13. They are beautiful bags. Congratz.:yahoo:
  14. YAY! You got the Sage after all! It's such a beautiful color, and you'll LOVE the hardware on this. The peacock is adorable too, blakes are so handy to own. congrats!!
  15. Beautiful. Love the colors.