I've been to Gerard Darel heaven...

  1. ...and these little angels followed me home.

    Pink Charlotte. This color is amazing. I've never been a "pink" person but fell in love with this bag.

    This brown bag is from their new line according to the Printemps SA. It's very similar to the Charlotte/Drape, in a very distressed brown leather with suede sides. No ties, but the gusseted sides have adjustable straps.

    Both bags have that wonderful Darel leather; on the brown bag it's even thicker and smooshier. I hadn't planned to buy another Darel, but I kept seeing them on women everywhere and it really reminded me how chic and versatile they are.
  2. Gorgeous!!! Where did you find these beauties?
  3. At Printemps in Paris.
  4. those are really pretty! what does the leather feel like? TIA!
  5. Of course, an ocean away. :crybaby:
  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: OMG!!!!!! I'm so jealous!!!!
  7. The first one, the color is so soft, absolutely gorgeous.

    ^I am jealous too.
  8. I LOVE IT!!! They are gorgeous!
  9. they are gorgeous! i have the GD brown leather flap & i am waiting for my GD black leather satchel :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. :lol:I'm just back from Bal forum...and you're there too!
    May I ask you a question:how many bags?;)Do you have a private plane,with to much luggages...not sure you can take a regular plane!LOL.
    Perfect choices again.
    If you'll go to see the castles of Loire,send me a pm,I live near Tours/Amboise,it would be a pleasure to meet a PF,I 'll be a perfect tourist guide!!!:cutesy:
  11. Oooo, the leather looks so soft and squishy. They're gorgeous! Congratulations!
  12. Oh, we just got back. :sad: It would have really been nice to visit that area and meet you. Well, next time, peut etre?

    PHH thought I was crazy, but I knew I would buy a bag or two (or four, as it turned out) so I brought a mostly empty small rolling suitcase with me as carry-on luggage, and put all of the bags in it for the trip home. When we missed our Boston-LA connection yesterday, and we went one way and the checked luggage the other, PHH said to me "well, at least you have your purses with you!"
  13. Very nice! Looks like you definitely enjoyed your trip to Paris!!
  14. The pink is gorgeous! It looks so smushy. This is one of my favorite bags. I carry mine all the time.
  15. Do both straps stay up on your shoulder? Does it fit your shoulder comfortably? Is the bag lightweight when empty? Do you feel as if you are on the witness stand in a trial? lol! I LOVE both bags and never would have been able to decide between them. You did the only possible thing: buy them both! ENJOY and TIA on answers to my probing questions.....:drool::confused1:;)