I've been to Bicester - been a bit naugthy

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2010
    As you all know I promised not to continue with my Mulberry addiction. I really should have stayed on the - :couch: but as I had a day off :sunshine: I took myself off to Bicester without any intention of buying a Mulberry - just going for a little peek.............well what is a girl to do... Mulberry Mecca called :devil: and I gave in :whiteflag:
  2. :sweatdrop:DH is due home any moment and I know its dishonest but we might get interrupted. I've already hidden them and disposed of the evidence :whistle:
  3. ^ I know just what you mean by that! sometimes you know you need to pick a time to do your own little reveal.

    Look forward to seeing what called to you!
  4. OOhhh, do tell us what you have done! xx
  5. There was loads there today and unfortunately as I noted down the list -- they were flying off the shelves . Bus loads of Japanese tourists. Could have kicked myself as there was a lovely little chocolate shoulder joelle which I spotted through the window before opening but made the mistake of not being there as soon as the doors opened
  6. Well my first reveal is a little boring but I am really chuffed with it. Nearly got something similiar from Radley but this was such a bargain £75:yahoo:

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  7. A bag for work ........ bet you can't guess - think functional
  8. oh, pleases how us before dh makes it back home. What little treat did you get?
  9. My first reveal. I am really pleased with this. Needed a work bag thats indestructable and this is so good. Hardwearing with a little silver padlock/ cloch

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  10. Oh this is exciting !!!
  11. My second purchase was way too expensive but hey ho! Again wanted a handbag for work

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  12. Its a sponge leather black medium mabel and really soft. I already have a mabel (which incidentially I never use) but as this is slouchy rather than stiff like the pink patent one ... I think it will be ok.

    By the way I thought the outlet prices had gone up.
  13. Ooh, not seen one like that before....can't wait to see what else you bought - crossed posts, lovely Mabel!!
  14. 2 lovely bags! Both look perfect for work too. Very smart and black is always a good bet for a colour that you will really get the use out of. Well done on 2 gorgeous buys. Great price on the first one too, I would say it was a bargain! xx
  15. When you say the outlets prices have gone up by how much?